Best snowmobile products – what are my choices for best snowmobile products for your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? How much research should you do before buying something for your snowmobile? Is it worth getting a helmet made for snowmobile riding or will a motorcycle one do?

These are all questions I’ve been asked. Over the years, I’ve tried and tested a huge variety and quality of paraphernalia for snowmobile reviews, some good, some bad and some exceptional. So exceptional in fact, that I’ve made these best snowmobiling products a regular part of my snowmobile life on snow trails and here they in alphabetical order.

Best Snowmobile Products List…

Ski Doo Accessories

Best Snowmobile Products Various Ski Doo Accessories

Ski Doo Accessories

My Ski-Doo sled is a dream for touring because I add many comfort accessories like the highest available windshield, wind deflectors, handle bar muffs, heated seat, fuel caddy, mirrors, knee pads and more.

Body Armour

Best Snowmobile Products Wear a TekVest like this obe
I wear a Tekvest under my snowmobile jacketas upper body protection just in case. It provides extra warmth and some back support too. It’s a must-have on my best snowmobile products list. Check out my review.


Best Snowmobile Products Wear Baffin Snowmobile Boots like this.
Since I started wearing Baffin Polar Series boots, my feet have never been cold. That’s why they made my best snowmobile products list. Comfortable, warm, durable and a variety of styles for men and women. Check out my review.


Best Snowmobile Products Wear Ski-Doo BV2S helmet like this.
The Ski-Doo BV2S helmet provides a sealed, self-regulating environment that virtually eliminates fogging and wind or water penetration. The helmet is good for eyeglass wearers and with the visor up and jaw piece down, you can talk, eat or smoke easily.


Best Snowmobile Products Use SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger like this.
The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides peace of mind, sending a distress signal and GPS coordinates to emergency responders. With SPOT, I can also send a regular OK message and even store waypoints to track progress.


Best Snowmobile ProductsAfter 45,000 km. of trail riding, my spacious CYT Snow Gear bags are as good as new. Made to fit your sled, with heavy-duty cordura and zippers to match, they install easily. Check out my review.

Skin Care

Best Snowmobile Products Various Dermal Therapy products
Dermal Therapy is a non-greasy, fragrance-free product that actively restores moisture and repairs skin when cold temperatures and dry atmosphere cause dryness, chapping or cracking.


I ride Ski-Doo snowmobiles because they’ve got the rider forward position, handling and suspension combination nailed. Plus, their choice of 2-stroke ETEC and 4-stroke 4TEC or ACE models deliver the fuel and oil economy I need. Plus, their touring accessories are second to none.


Best Snowmobile Products Woody'sWoody’s traction products (studs and carbides) give me peace of mind, better control and the durability to last longer over many kilometres of riding. I’ve never lost a stud or had a problem and they’ve saved my bacon on some mighty icy corners and hills. Check out my review.

Snowmobile Suit

Both Marsha and I wear FXR snowmobile suits because they’re the best made, most snowmobiler-friendly suits available – and Canadian too! Waterproof, breathable, windproof and warm, FXR has lots of neat features like zip-out liners, multiple vents, magnetic front flap and bright colours so I am very visible on the trail. Definitely one of my best snowmobile products. Check out my review.

Sled Tie Downs

This nifty snowmobile securing system called Tie Down Boss works great. They meet or exceed government regulations and do a great job of holding my sleds in place on the trailer. Check out my review.


My easy towing Triton trailer keeps on rolling no matter how many kilometres I drive each winter. No rust, no loose parts, no signs of wear and tear, just reliable hauling, Triton is a premium product, but well worth the investment for a product that will last longer than you do. Check out my best snowmobile products review.

Trailer Security

Best Snowmobile Products Steal Shield on a trailer hitch
Steal Shield is a steel sleeve that slides and locks over the entire hitch coupler of my trailer to prevent theft when I leave it parked on its own.

Under Layer

Best Snowmobile Products Wear Woolpower Merino Under Layer
Woolpower is made with a soft, comfy and non-irritating blend of merino wool that retains warm air around your body and wicks chill-causing moisture away from your skin very efficiently. See my review.


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