Fundy Highlands New Brunswick Snowmobile Tour

Self-Guided Fundy Highlands Tour Itinerary

Total Distance – 827 km in 3 riding days. Note: Can be combined with Ride Around New Brunswick itinerary.

Fundy Highlands New Brunswick snowmobile tour article

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Fundy Highlands Snowmobile Tour Itinerary

Notes: NB = New Brunswick Provincial Trail (blue); LT = New Brunswick Local Trail (green)

Day One

Trailer 330 km to Moncton. Where To Stay: Hampton Inn. 

Day Two – Moncton to Riverside Albert

Ride 220 km via LT646, NB34, LT864 (club house), LT876, LT864, LT861, LT864, NB34, LT864, LT886 (Riverside Albert), LT864 to Riverside Albert. Lunch: South Eastern New Brunswick Snowmobile Association club house on LT864. Fuel: SENBSA club house; Riverside Albert. Where To Stay: Broadleaf Guest Ranch.

Day Three – Riverside Albert to Sussex area

Ride 220 km via LT864, NB34, LT881, LT871 (Alma), NB31, LT850, LT846 (Elgin), NB15, LT859, NB31, LT845, LT818, LT819 (Martin Head), LT818, LT811 to Shepody Sussex area. Fuel: Alma, Elgin Market, Adair’s. Lunch: Elgin Market. Where To Stay: Adair’s Wilderness Lodge. Direct access from LT811.

Day Four – Sussex area to Chipman

Ride 253 km with morning loop back to Adair’s via LT811, LT814, LT818, LT810, NB31, LT808 (Saint Martins), NB31, LT811. Afternoon ride via LT811, LT814, NB31, LT852, NB15 to Chipman. Lunch: Adair’s. Fuel: Adair’s, Chipman. Where To Stay: Queen’s County Inn. Direct trail access with fuel on trail just south of motel. 

Day Five – Chipman to Moncton

Ride 134 km via NB15, LT704, NB34, LT660, LT646 back to Hampton Inn, Moncton. Lunch & Fuel: Moncton. Start trailering home. Note – Full day alternate ride: NB15, LT703, LT780, NB34, LT646.

Day Six – Trailer home

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