Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Snowmobile Tour & Snowmobile Vacation

Self-Guided Snowmobile Ride Around Nipissing Itinerary

Total Ontario Distance: 732 kilometres

Ride Around Nipissing

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Notes: Toll free phone numbers are included only when they connect directly to the hotel (as opposed to an off site reservation system). TOP = Trans Ontario Provincial; Club Trail = CT. Trails or lodgings may change from the time of my tour; please reconfirm info by using the contacts provided before departing. 

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Day One: Trailer to Sudbury

Where We Stayed: Moonlight Inn & Suites – Located on the east side right beside TOP Trail C109D (at Highway 17).

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Day Two

Snowmobile 225 km from Sudbury to North Bay via TOP C109D, TOP C/D, TOP D, TOP A/D, TOP D, SSR 710. Fuel: River Valley, Okimot Lodge (Tomiko Lake), North Bay. Add about 15 kilometres by taking TOP A104D north off TOP D to Martin River, then TOP A south. Fuel: Martin River. Add about 20 kilometres more by taking TOP A102Q east from TOP A/D, then NB 308, NB 300 and TOP A112A back to TOP A/D. Fuel: Portage Restaurant. Where We Stayed: Quality Inn North Bay Airport – Direct trail access either via SSR 710 from TOP D or from Lake Nipissing stake line via SSR 703.

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Day Three

Snowmobile 200 km from North Bay to Port Loring via Powassan on SSR 710, TOP D, SSR 700, TOP C110D, SSR 706, NN 440, TOP C105D, AR 501. Fuel: Powassan, Port Loring. Add about 40 kilometres by taking TOP D south thru either South River or Sundridge. Fuel: South River, Sundridge. Note: Our choice was to overnight here because the next lodgings are another 85 km or so in Alban. Where We Stayed: Northland Motel – Located in Port Loring on TOP Trail C105D.

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Day Four

Snowmobile 307 km from Port Loring to Sudbury via AR 500, TOP C105D, TOP C, TOP C106, TOP D104, TOP D, TOP C/D, TOP C109D. Fuel: Noelville, Warren, Sudbury. Shorter route: Stay on TOP C after the bridges to ride directly to Sudbury. Where We Stayed: Moonlight Inn & Suites

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Day Five

Trailer home.

Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Fast Facts

  • Key Towns: Sudbury, North Bay, Port Loring, Verner
  • Distance from GTA: 360 km (to North Bay)
  • Trailer Access from GTA: 40o north to 11 north
  • Contact Info: Northeastern Ontario, North Bay
  • Maps Needed: OFSC District 11, 12

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Riders should reconfirm the routes and services mentioned in this article as they may have changed since publication.