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thriftlodge cochrane ontario

Thriftlodge Cochrane photo © by Craig Nicholson


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Why go to snowmobile Thriftlodge Cochrane Ontario on your next Ontario snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? As anyone who has experienced Ontario snowmobiling in the Northern Corridor already knows, this area of Northeastern Ontario delivers some of this province’s best and most reliable snowmobile trails, plus a long season.

The Town of Cochrane is the eastern staging point for your Northern Corridor ride. And my favourite lodging is the Thriftlodge Cochrane. Besides great grooming by the Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club, here are my top ten reasons for choosing the Thriftlodge Cochrane Ontario as my staging hotel to this snowmobile tour…

Top 10 Reasons to Snowmobile From Thriftlodge Cochrane Ontario

10. Communications: The Thriftlodge offers free and reliable Wi-Fi, phones in rooms and new TV’s with service that includes The Weather Network.
9. Hot Tub: The Thriftlodge may have the best hot tub in town – large and hot!
8. Restaurants: Terry’s Steakhouse is the on site restaurant at the Thriftlodge. There’s also a 24-hour truck stop nearby for early breakfasts.
7. Renovated Rooms: The Thriftlodge did a major renovation upgrade to its rooms. All rooms have fridges and microwaves.
6. Truck & Trailer Parking: The Thriftlodge offers plenty of secure truck and trailer parking close to your room.
5. Snowmobile Parking: The Thriftlodge provides a fenced and gated, secure sled lock up for those who choose not to park in front of their own room.
4. Fuel Nearby: There’s an Esso station right across the road and for after hours, a 24-hr truck stop 1,000 metres south.
3. Location by Trailer: Driving northbound on Highway 11, the Thriftlodge is easy to find – it’s the first hotel you’ll come to (on east side of highway) before arriving in town.
2. Location by Snowmobile: The Thriftlodge is positioned at the intersection of TOP A and Highway 11. So if you’re arriving by snowmobile from the south, it’s the first hotel you’ll come to before arriving in town and has direct trail access.
1. Great Rides From the Door: From the Thriftlodge, you can do days rides in every direction…

  • Northern loop to Fraserdale (Abitibi Canyon) for lunch & fuel via TOP A103, continuing on A103 to Smooth Rock Falls (fuel) and back to Cochrane on TOP A (300 km total). #SledAbitibiCanyon
  • Western loop via TOP A, L103, TOP A106C and TOP C to Smooth Rock Falls (lunch & fuel), then back to Cochrane via TOP A, TOP A103, L101, A105Q & A (250 km total).
  • Southern Loop to Iroquois Falls and Timmins (lunch and fuel) via TOP A, A111C, TOP C, A106C and TOP A (270 km total).

Of course, you can also stage from the Thriftlodge Cochrane Ontario for your Northern Corridor or Big Loop saddlebag tours. And that’s why, whenever I’m in Cochrane, I stay at the Thriftlodge. Make your reservation today!

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