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heated snowmobile tekvest

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This is my heated snowmobile TekVest product review. I’ve been wearing TekVest for years on snowmobile tours. I wouldn’t ride without its comfort, security and protection as I said in a previous review and video. Frankly, I didn’t think there was much TekRider’s Steve Brand could do to improve my TekVest. But I was wrong. After many snowmobile vacations while wearing a prototype for his new heated TekVest, the “E-Super Sport”, I’m sold.

Staying Warm with Heated Snowmobile TekVest

Steve developed his heated snowmobile TekVest with his usual high attention to detail, quality and rider functionality. It operates from a lightweight controller wired into the snow machine’s battery. I affixed the controller to my handlebars with Velcro straps where I could reach it easily. The controller stayed in place and functioning all winter. Coloured lights made checking its heat settings easy. The best analogy I can come up with to describe the heating is that it a gentle, pervasive warmth. Like you would get from a radiant floor or high-end electric blanket. No hotspots, no coldspots.

I’m not a rider who gets cold easily. But having a heated TekVest is handy to prevent the chill of early morning starts. It also wards off the creeping cold that often seeps into my lower back and kidneys near the end of a long day’s ride. I can certainly see where snowmobilers more susceptible to cold, like my wife, would really appreciate the benefits of an E-Super Sport TekVest on any sub-zero riding day and in any snow conditions.

This heated snowmobile TekVest makes no compromises. It retains this body armour’s original snowmobile safety purpose. That is to protect snowmobilers from injury. But it adds another significant benefit. On some mornings when I climb into the saddle, I still feel a little back stiffness from yesterday’s ride. So I flip on my E-Super Sport TekVest to sooth away the kinks! The E-Super Sport heated snowmobile TekVest is a limited edition offering by special order only. So add some extra warmth to your snowmobiling by custom ordering one today from Steve Brand.


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