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Snowmobile Club Volunteers In Crisis

Is there really a crisis with snowmobile club volunteers? If the online pleas from snowmobile clubs I see almost daily are any indication, the answer is an unequivocal YES. It’s a fact. The shortage of unpaid helpers is already impacting the quality, quantity and sustainability of snowmobile trails throughout the snowbelt. And unless more snowmobilers step up to the …

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Snowmobile Helmet Communicators

Periodically, I see online posts asking about snowmobile helmet communicators. How well do they work? Which make is best? What’s everyone else using? Unfortunately, definitive answers seem to be few and far between. I know my own experience is mixed. When my snowmobile helmet communicators worked properly, I enjoyed being able to talk one to one with my spouse. …

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Game Changer Snowmobile Products

My list of game changer snowmobile products includes accessories and gear that I’ve found make my trail riding safer, easier and more comfortable. So, this post is not about performance or power or what sled is best. Instead, it’s about practical innovations that solve real world trail riding problems I’ve encountered. Over the years, I’ve tried and tested countless …

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Snowmobile Trailering Tips Best Safety Advice

Why do we need best snowmobile trailering tips for our snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? Because too often, we take snowmobile trailers for granted. We ignore them, store them improperly and don’t maintain them well. Let’s start with a Snowmobiler Television video clip, then go on to some basic legalities… To be legal, you must register and plate your …

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Snowmobiling Touring Stats Winter 2019

Many snowmobilers say they wish they had a job like mine. No doubt I do a lot of riding each winter for magazines and website and social media posts. But it takes plenty of time, work, organization and effort to get everything done in the relatively short window of winter. So it’s not all fun and games. Take a …

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Snowmobile Trail Signs Tips for Riders & Clubs

Over my sledding years, I’ve visited many different trail systems and given a lot of thought to snowmobile trail signs. I’ve seen many best practices on the snow. And also witnessed some really poor signage. I’ve come to some conclusions and here they are… Throughout the primary trail riding provinces and states, most snowmobilers typically engage in what’s called …

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Hot Tips For Cold Hands

For some snowmobilers it’s a toss up which gets colder, toes or fingers? In a recent article, I offered advice about how to buy good snowmobile boots to keep your feet warm while trail riding.  Now it’s time to talk about keeping your digits toasty. There’s quite a menu of options. So stay tuned and don’t miss my comments …

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Snowstorm Snowmobiling Tips For Trail Riders

Why do we need snowstorm snowmobiling tips? Is there any such thing as too much snow? For snowmobile trail riders, the answer is generally no, measured over the course of the winter. But when there’s a huge dump all at once, it’s a different story and snowstorm snowmobiling tips can be very helpful… Trail riding is the most labour …

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Snowmobile Trailer Roof Snow Overload Tips

Have you ever left your trailer parked for several days? Only to return to find it covered in snow? Here’s the reason you should remove it before driving away. Regardless of trailer size… One winter, we had a few small storms followed by a good 18-inch dumper. While hooking up the trailer, I became a bit concerned about all …

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Sudbury Snowmobiling Snapshot Quick Facts

Start your ride planning with this Sudbury snowmobiling snapshot. It will help visiting snowmobilers find a memorable, long weekend sledding getaway of day loops in the area. Or discover an outstanding staging gateway for saddlebag rides to other destinations in Northeastern Ontario. Located in OFSC District 12, Sudbury (pop. 160,000+) is Ontario’s largest urban centre north of the Greater …

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