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Charlevoix Quebec Snowmobiling Snapshot

My social media posts about Charlevoix Quebec snowmobiling have triggered plenty of interest. So, I decided to provide more details for riders who want to stay at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu this winter. Watch for my full tour article next fall in Supertrax Magazine! Let me start by saying that Charlevoix Quebec snowmobiling delivers primo trails and awesome …

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What Makes A Good Snowmobile Staging Hotel?

Are you looking for a good snowmobile staging hotel? For the purposes of this article, I’m talking about a staging hotel that you’re going to trailer to. And then stay for several consecutive nights while using it as a base for various day rides. This is one of the snowmobile tour types I listed in a recent article. I’ve found …

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Snowmobiling Northern Maine

Have you ever wondered about snowmobiling Northern Maine? Here’s everything you need to know… One memory is that I’ve never snowmobiled down a trail with stone markers in the middle. But I’m a law-abiding guy. So I as we rode on that Border Trail between Maine and New Brunswick, I had visions of being pounced on by both U.S. …

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Snowmobile Tour Types & Choices

What snowmobile tour types are right for you? Once upon a time, most snowmobiling originated from our own backyards. A large part of its appeal was day riding from home and back. Even weekend overnighters by sled started and ended there. So did multi-day getaways by snowmobile. In fact, the only time you’d trailer your sleds anywhere was for …

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Snowmobile Greater Sudbury Ontario

I’m always amazed by how remote it seems to snowmobile Greater Sudbury Region. One minute, I’m taking in big city sights. The next, all I see is trees and terrain. The only commonality is groomed trails… With a population of about 165,000, The City of Greater Sudbury is the largest urban centre in Ontario completely surrounded by snowmobile trails. The …

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Abitibi-Témiscamingue Day Loops

Over 3,500 kilometres of trails mean there’s plenty of choices for Abitibi-Témiscamingue day loops. That’s another good reason I ride in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region each winter with a huge grin pasted on my face. What’s more, each night my notes for this article described our day’s ride as “awesome”, “incredible” or “fantastic”. And I went to bed each night …

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Mont Laurier Snowmobiling Loops

Related: Saddle Bagging Central Quebec   It was a frigid January day to go Mont Laurier snowmobiling. Much too cold to ride a brisk pace. Better to just cruise along, hunkered down behind my tall windshield. Handlebar heaters and thumb warmer cranked to max. Heated seat and FXR Heated Recon Gloves on fry… The temperature dropped even more as the …

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Snowmobile Midwestern Ontario

I hadn’t expected to snowmobile Midwestern Ontario in a furious snow storm. Our Supertrax crew had set out in clear conditions. But suddenly, we ran into a veritable wall of snow. Visibility went to near zero as the snowfall intensified. The white stuff packed into our face shields, our laps, our running boards and covered our sleds. Fresh powder piled …

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Snowmobile Smiths Falls Ontario

Our Supertrax crew chose to snowmobile Smiths Falls for a quick three-day long weekend in mid-winter. It’s a snowmobile-friendly destination that’s not too crowded. That’s one reason we picked it and here’s the rest of the story… The Province of Ontario is huge. In fact, its million square kilometre land mass makes Ontario larger than either Alaska or Texas. The …

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Ride Your Side This Winter

How come so many snowmobilers wander all over the trail? What happened to ride your side trail riding? In fact, riders not keeping to the right is the numero uno reason many people don’t feel safe anymore on the trails. And why many either don’t ride on weekends at all or have given up snowmobiling altogether… Riding a …

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Snowmobiler Christmas Gift Ideas

Hung up on snowmobiler Christmas gift ideas for that special rider? The clock’s ticking, but it’s not too late to stimulate your brainwaves with my alphabetical list of recommended products… Electric Visor Cord: Carrying a spare replacement ensures visor clear if the original cord breaks! Hand-E-View Mirror: Allows a rider to see behind on a sled with no mirrors …

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New Brunswick Northern Odyssey Ride

What’s not to like about the snowmobile New Brunswick Northern Odyssey? Under startling blue skies, I remember thinking:“Snowmobiling doesn’t get any better than this!” Endless miles of wide, rolling white carpets made for exhilarating and effortless riding. As these sweeping trails carved through snow covered mountains, majestic wind turbine blades revolved in slow motion on nearby hilltops, as if …

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