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Northern Corridor snowmobiling

Northern Corridor snowmobiling – Click on photo to view full tour article


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What’s so great when you go Northern Corridor snowmobiling on your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? As the National Tour Editor for Snow Goer Canada, I log plenty of kilometres each winter riding for the articles I later write. Often, my wife, Marsha, accompanies me with up to four other guys.

Last winter, after Ontario Northern Corridor snowmobile tours in Northeastern Ontario, we got into a discussion about who my audience is and what kind of tours we do. Marsha noted that many snowmobilers may only do one tour a winter and may not ride the distances we do. She also wondered how many women actually go on tour? That begged the question: Is what I’m writing about relevant to most readers?

Riding frequently groomed trails in the Northern Corridor snowmobiling

Frequently groomed trails!

My first goal is to write a tour article that can be a template for your own ride. That’s why each story includes the most detailed itinerary available in any snowmobiling magazine. So if you want to replicate our Northern Corridor snowmobiling on #ontariosnowtrails, just go to the bottom of this page. You can do the same tour we did. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in other Ontario destinations, check out the rest of my Ontario ride articles.

Northern Corridor snowmobiling Crossing under the Mattagami River Bridge at Smooth Rock Falls on TOP A trail.

TOP A trail crosses under the Mattagami River Bridge at Smooth Rock Falls

My second goal is to provide you with enough handy information, first hand observations and contacts so you can customize a tour suitable for your own group. Although we may ride more (or fewer) kilometres on any one tour than you, you can easily adapt our tour to your own specifications, time frame, group composition, abilities and whatever weather conditions you may encounter. For example, when you #rideneontario, the Northern Corridor offers many options for alternative and more direct routes, or fewer and shorter days.

Northern Corridor Snowmobiling – Building Confidence

Later in our discussion, I observed to Marsha that most women riders do not ride as hard or as long a she does. Usually, there are “guys” rides, “couples” rides and sometimes, “girls” rides. In couples, the guys are sometimes frustrated at not being able to ride like they do on their own; the gals often feel pushed to ride outside their comfort zone to keep up or that they are holding everyone up. So I asked Marsha what made her situation different.

Northern Corridor snowmobiling Crossing the bridge on Trail L103 south of Cochrane

Bridge crossing on Trail L103 south of Cochrane

She answered: equipment, experience and confidence. Marsha rides her own Ski-Doo snowmobile that’s as new and as technically advanced as mine. She rides with Woody’s studs and Snow Tracker carbides. She rides warm: her snowmobile suit is a top quality FXR, same as mine, and underneath she has merino wool layers by Woolpower and a TekVest. Marsha has snowmobiled with me for over 20 years and knows how to ride. She has the confidence to ride with care and control, and even more important, to know when to say, “No, I’m not comfortable doing that.”

But she is comfortable riding riding their well-established snow tours like the Abitibi Canyon Loop, Gateway to the North Loop, Lumberjack Loop, and the Missinaibi Loop, all part of the Northern Corridor Adventure Tour.

Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

For more on this snowmobile tour + itinerary, read my Proving Ground article as published in Snow Goer Canada magazine.


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