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Monts Valin Quebec For 5 Months of Trail & Backcountry Riding…

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Sometimes as early as November, riders begin flocking to snowmobile Monts Valin Quebec for a Quebec snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation. Often, they continue riding there when everything else is closed in April or later. Typically, Monts Valin provides a reliable and consistent, six-month sledding season, among the very best in eastern North America. As we found out that first week of January and as you can see in the snowmobile video below, this is why Monts Valin has become such a popular first, last and in-between Quebec snowmobile tour riding destination.

Snowmobile Monts Valin Quebec – Where is It?

Riding Plenty of snow at Monts Valin Quebec

Monts Valin photo © by Craig Nicholson

Monts Valin is located in the Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean Region of Quebec. It’s an easy three-hour drive north of The City of Quebec on the newly four-lane Highway 175. From the major population centres of the Saguenay heartland, Dan Carty, Darren Clissold, Glenn King, Don Webb and I towed our Triton trailers to the north side of the Saguenay Fiord. The elevation almost immediately began climbing to our staging destination, Auberge Carcajou near Saint-David-de-Falardeau.

Climbing to Snowmobile Monts Valin Quebec

Monts Valin Quebec Ride to the top for many great lookouts!

Monts Valin Lookout photo © by Craig Nicholson

“Climbing” is the operative word on this Quebec snowmobile tour. Many parts of Monts Valin range up to and over 900 metres above sea level. That elevation, along with Saguenay’s northerly geographic location, generates the colossal amounts of snow that make Monts Valin such a snowmobiler’s paradise. That term, “Snowmobile Paradise”, applies to the entire Saguenay Region, but the south side of the Fiord is lower ground that is usually later opening and earlier closer than Monts Valin itself. The altitude on Monts Valin also accounts for one of the area’s new attractions for snowmobilers – the Summits Circuit.

Ride The Summits Circuit to Snowmobile Monts Valin Quebec

Check out the Panoramic view in Monts Valin Quebec

Monts Valin Summits Circuit photo © by Craig Nicholson

There are five of them: Pic du Mont Victor-Tremblay (780 m), Pic du lac du Syndicat (800 m), Pic du lac Boivin (900 m), Pic du Le Dos de Cheval (900 m) and Pic des Monts Sainte-Marguerite (920 m). Each summit is clearly marked on the Saguenay snow trails map and easily accessible by snowmobile from a main trail, with a parking place at the top for sightseeing.

Part of our mission on this Quebec snowmobile tour was to do the five summits, and we did – except that as the luck of the draw would have it on that day, the very low clouds that were delivering fresh snow also socked in the summits obscuring all the spectacular views. Oh well, that’s something to go back for, and forced to choose, I’ll take snow over sights any time!

For more on this Quebec snowmobile tour + itinerary, read my Early and Late article as published in Snow Goer Canada snowmobile magazine. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more great Quebec snowmobile tour destinations, check out the rest of my Quebec tours.

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