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Snowmobile New Brunswick Quebec

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Snowmobile New Brunswick Quebec adds to your adventure by crossing the border to between provinces on this Canadian snowmobile tour. The snow machine season in northern New Brunswick often starts before Christmas. It usually extends well into April – perfect for late season New Brunswick snowmobile vacations.

What’s more, hundreds of old logging roads crisscross the region, which includes the Miramichi Highlands, Chaleur Uplands, and the Notre Dame Mountains. Some of these man-made corridors are groomed as part of the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs’ (NBFSC) maintained trail system. Others are simply available for riders to explore off the beaten track as we did on Days Three and Eight.

Maintained trails like PT (Provincial Trail) 23 east of Serpentine Lake and PT58 south of Serpentine are good examples of absolutely primo New Brunswick snowmobile tours. Their wide, rolling white carpets of packed snow make for exciting, exhilarating and effortless riding. With so many outstanding trail choices, it’s hard to know where to get started. And even tougher to know when to quit. Best of all, most of these routes either avoid water crossings or are bridged. So spring riding in the interior continues even when ice goes bad.

Snowmobile New Brunswick Quebec Crosses The Boundary

This is why northern New Brunswick has long been a snow magnet for sledders from the Maritimes and Maine searching for reliable riding. Increasingly, it’s also a popular destination for riders from Ontario and Quebec. These riders can be on that New Brunswick snow after trailering no greater distance than they would to many more familiar destinations. Besides, New Brunswick is arguably Canada’s most bilingual province. So communication is no problem regardless of which official language you speak.

Just remember that New Brunswick is on Eastern Time. We lost an hour entering from the west (and gained it going back). We also switched to daylight savings, so I never really knew what the right time was. But when there’s amazing riding to be had, who cares?

Read more about my Quebec/New Brunswick ride as published in Snow Goer Canada snowmobile magazine. Detailed New Brunswick snowmobile tour itinerary included! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more great Quebec snowmobile tour destinations, check out the rest of my Quebec tours. #QuebecOriginal

Note: Discover more from my provincial loop New Brunswick tour from my tour book, “Canada’s Best Snowmobiling”. Although some trails and contacts may have changed since then, this story will add to your overall knowledge about New Brunswick snowmobile tours.


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Riders should reconfirm the routes and services mentioned in this New Brunswick snowmobile tour article as they may have changed since publication.


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