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Snowmobile Revelstoke British Columbia Canada

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Are you ready to snowmobile Revelstoke British Columbia for your next snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? Like the view from an airplane, we looked down from the heights of Frisby Ridge on the Columbia River, cutting through its valley between the Monashee and Selkirk ranges near Revelstoke, British Columbia. Was it my imagination or could I actually spot the tiny red dot that was the roof of the rental shop at Glacier House Resort, far, far below?

Snowmobile Revelstoke British Columbia Beeline to the Bottom

We’d completed another exhilarating day of mountain riding on our British Columbia snowmobile tour. Now it was late afternoon and time to head back. My weary bones were looking forward to a leisurely descent on the groomed access trail that switchbacked down the mountainside. Fat chance!

I should have known by now that no self-respecting mountain rider could resist a straight beeline home. Why do all that meandering back and forth on a civilized trail when, from our perch in the sky, Frisby Ridge dropped off in a direct line of sight, toboggan run to our destination? Without a second’s hesitation, our guide, Alex Szirmai, pointed his sled at the distant red dot and rocketed down that long 5,000-foot incline as if shot along a laser beam. What the hell, I thought, I can ride a trail any time — and I steered my Ski-Doo Summit REV-XP to follow…

Frantic Descent

Talk about lickety-split! Pump brake-steer — trail crossing ahead…look both ways…zoom – powder burst! Focus on Alex’s track. Stay in control. Fly though tree gaps & terrain breaks. Glance & flash across next trail switchback. Shins & knees tucked tight to REV-XP cowling. Pump brake-steer…deep snow, floating! Woosh – switchback again! Traction…adrenalin rush — pump brake-steer – zoom. Massive dam near Glacier House looming — now that red roof too…trail, descent, powder, trail, descent. Pump brake-steer, zoom — much closer now. Burst through more snow & trees! Suddenly out of slope & out of breath…roll into the staging area. Glacier House just ahead. Whew! Back safe…no brown streaks on the snow!

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