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Everyone says they wish they had my snowmobiling job. The riding is easy. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that’s the work! Here’s how my story begins…
Envious snowmobilers often wish for a job like mine. Anything’s possible. After all, I nailed it, so the job was obviously out there to be had. That said, you could pretty much count this country’s employment opportunities for snowmobile print journalists on your fingers.

So unless you plan to start your own publication, don’t hold your breath for a position to come open any time soon. Unless you are an exceptional writer who knows snowmobiling inside out. Then, if you can survive as a freelancer, selling articles to whomever will take them (probably for peanuts, I might add), you might get a foot in someone’s door and work your way up the food chain.

So what does this so-called job of mine entail? As National Tour Editor for Snow Goer Canada Magazine, I was responsible for four feature articles with photos each publishing season. The mission was to showcase various Canadian riding destinations. Sidebars and Tested on Tour product reviews accompanied each article. Plus, I write a “Trail Mix” column in every issue and contributed other articles occasionally as needed.

More recently, I’ve been writing touring articles for Supertrax International Magazine. Consequently, I spend most of my winter on tour and some of my off-season writing the content.

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