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algoma country wilderness snowmobile trails

Photo © by Craig Nicholson


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It’s a fact that snow’s earlier, more reliable and longer lasting in Northern Ontario. That’s why so many snowmobilers are willing to hit the road to find it. And when they do, many are discovering some of the best snow and trail conditions exist in Ontario’s Algoma Country wilderness…

It’s a vast region that stretches north almost 700 kilometres by OFSC snowmobile trail from Sault Ste Marie to Hearst. This Algoma Country wilderness ride is called the “All The Way There Tour”. That’s because it’s a linear route to Hearst and back, with some alternative trail options around Wawa, Dubreuilville and Hornepayne. What’s more, you can also add on the Missinaibi Loop around Hearst if time permits.

Algoma Country Wilderness Ride – Where To Start

fur mitts for algoma country wilderness

Photo by Al Fletcher

To get on the snow quicker, you can stage into the Algoma Country wilderness from the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Sault Ste Marie (if you do, go by way of Goulais River to gas up before heading north). Or as we did for our 4-day sojourn, trailer to Driftwood Valley Chalets in Searchmont. Just be sure to arrive at Searchmont with topped up snow machines. Why? Because there’s no commercially available gas in town. What’s more, there’s no gas available between Searchmont and Wawa, but this ride is still doable and here’s what you need to know about the backbone of this tour, TOP Trail D.

Algoma Country Wilderness – What To Expect

Bridge crossing in algoma country wilderness

Photo © by Craig Nicholson

If you’re looking for a new snowmobiling experience in Northern Ontario, this part of Algoma Country is a must-visit destination. Maybe you’re used to the flat, straight riding prevalent in other parts of the northeast. If so, you’ll be surprised and delighted by Algoma’s rugged, hilly and panoramic terrain.

Algoma Country Wilderness – About The Trails

fuel & food stop in algoma country wilderness

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! Half Way Haven photo © by Craig Nicholson

The seamless trails of the All The Way There Tour are generally wide and sweeping. Best of all, they wind through this remote high country, mostly on logging roads, cut lines and utility corridors. We rode them on Ontario’s Try Our Trails Weekend. And even then, the trail conditions scored a strong 90% overall. Yes, even on the Sunday. Together the dramatic terrain and primo trails make snowmobiling here exceptionally exhilarating, interesting and invigorating. One good example is the hydro line trail just north of Half Way Haven, which is closed for this season, so be sure that every sled is carrying a full fuel caddy!

Into the Wilderness

scenic view of algoma country wilderness

Photo by Al Fletcher

No doubt, this northern Algoma Country wilderness ride can make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Partly, since it’s such a huge area, you don’t see much other sled traffic or road crossings. But with services available at key locations on route, I was never concerned about finding fuel, food or lodging. And we had the additional reassurance of touring with a group of six experienced snowmobilers.

I’d recommend visiting Ontario’s Algoma Country wilderness at any time of the winter. And when conditions deteriorate down south, it’s time to try the All The Way There Tour to extend your spring riding season. Then you’ll discover what may well be the best linear snowmobile tour in Ontario.

Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

Our Algoma Country Wilderness Itinerary

Day One

Snowmobile 340 km from Driftwood Valley Chalets in Searchmont to Magpie Relay in Dubreuilville. Fuel: carry extra gas on each sled, Wawa, Dubreuilville. Lunch: trail snacks


Day Two

Snowmobile 300 km from Magpie Relay in Dubreuilville to Companion Hotel Motel in Hearst. Fuel: Hornepayne, Hearst. Lunch: Uncle’s Restuarant, Hornepayne.


Day Three

Snowmobile 360 km from Companion Hotel Motel in Hearst to Wawa Motor Inn in Wawa. Fuel: Hornepayne, Dubreuilville, Wawa. Lunch: Uncle’s, Hornepayne. Alternative Trail Options: Dub 5 (Magpie River Trail) & Wawa 7 from Dubreuilville south to Wawa (25 km shorter).


Day Four

Snowmobile 256 km from Wawa Motor Inn in Wawa to Driftwood Valley Chalets in Searchmont. Fuel: carry extra gas on each sled. Alternative Trail Options: Wawa 5 south to TOP D.


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