Snowmobile Ice Scratchers Are A Must For Touring Riders…

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A while back I wrote a review on snowmobile ice scratchers for your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation. Although I fully endorsed the concept and appreciated their lubricating benefits, ultimately I wasn’t impressed with any that I’d tried to date.

snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Ski-Doo Ice Scratchers

Downside of Most Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

My non-endorsement was primarily because I’d found no reliable way to keep any scratchers fastened up and out of the way when not in use. Consequently and often without my knowing, my scratchers kept dropping down even when not needed. In this way, I lost several pair by sheering them off while loading up a metal trailer ramp. Or crossing a steel railway bridge. Or riding onto the corrugated metal floor of a ferryboat.

This was especially annoying after I actually stopped and double-checked that they were in the up position before proceeding. But somehow, they’d drop down again when jarred by a bump or bounce. Bottom line: I couldn’t count on those ice scratchers to be there and in one piece when really needed.

Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers Product Review – Problem Solved

Now it appears that Ski-Doo has solved my problem. Their ice scratchers are designed for Ski-Doo snowmobiles with rMotion suspension. Plus, they are built with a double coil that allows use in reverse without damage.

Better yet, they come with a set of clips that attach to the tunnel. These hold the scratchers securely up and out of the way when not in use. But when needed, it doesn’t take any effort slip them out and drop them down into the snow, as you can see in the videos below. That’s why they made my list of game changer snowmobile products!

Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers Product Review – On the Trail

Now when I encounter hard packed or icy trails, my Ski-Doo ice scratchers will help lubricate my undercarriage and cool my heat exchanger. But only when I want them to.

And on those cold mornings when I’m the first out and the trail surface has frozen up overnight, they will also make for easier. At least until going until other sleds and the sun have loosened up the surface. I don’t need ice scratchers on most rides. But when my engine temperature starts creeping up because there’s not enough loose snow being spun into the track, I’m sure glad to have them!


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