Innovative Gear To Enhance Trail Riding…

Game changer snowmobile products make trail riding more enjoyable.

Trail Riding – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

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My list of game changer snowmobile products includes accessories and gear that I’ve found make my trail riding safer, easier and more comfortable. So, this post is not about performance or power or what sled is best. Instead, it’s about practical innovations that solve real world trail riding problems I’ve encountered.

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested countless snowmobile products. Many did the job as advertised. Some did not. Of all these items, there are a handful that I still can’t live without. So, maybe you’re looking for outstanding ideas to improve your trail riding this winter. Or as a gift for someone. If so, check out these game changer snowmobile products (not listed in any special order)…

In Touch VP Can Save Your Season

Problem: How to combat increasing sled theft.

A tracking devices that not only keeps track of your sled at all times, it also helps find your toys as or after they’re stolen, and is an exceptional safety net to help with sled recovery. The best I’ve found is a very user-friendly device called InTouch VP GPS by PassTIme. This tracking unit comes with a weather-resistant, rugged, magnetic case is about the size of a deck of cards and takes less than a minute to install – and delivers 24/7 go-anywhere technology that works both indoors and outdoors.


Helmet Safety Lights Make Riders Bright As Day

Problem: How to make every rider highly visible to those following behind.

Biteharder Helmet Safety Lights solve this problem permanently, effectively and inexpensively. The light uses super bright LED technology in a 5th generation design. Anyone who’s snowmobiled behind a rider with a helmet safety light will attest that it takes all the stress and guesswork out of following someone. And because it’s helmet-mounted, the safety light is at the  highest point on every rider, where it can always be seen. Even riders farther back in the pack benefit from the bright beacon of helmet safety lights. They’re simply the best way to go trail riding, day or night.


TekVest Saves Lives

Problem: How I can Get Better Protection Against Upper Body Injuries?

I’ve worn a TekVest under my snowmobile jacket for years. And now I wouldn’t ride without one. Besides being very comfortable, it provides me good torso & back support, plus extra warmth. Best of all, my TekVest adds a life-saving layer of protection for my upper vital organs, much the same as my helmet does for my brain.

Now TekVest also comes in a new Trail Master model (see video). Available this season by custom order only, it’s specially designed to keep your digital devices warm and comes in various colours. Click here to see my Super Sport TekVest product review.


LED Headlights Turns Night To Day

Problem: How To See Better While I’m Night Riding.

LED Auxiliary Light Units are game changer snowmobile products that work independently of stock headlights.

LED Auxiliary Light Units Mounted Below Stock Headlights – Photo courtesy of Ski Doo

The first time I turned on my Auxiliary LED Light, I think I saw deer putting on sunglasses! Meanwhile, I couldn’t believe the visibility difference this add-on LED accessory made to my seeing the trail ahead. It’s as if I’d switched on stadium lights. So, no more eye straining or last-minute guessing about what’s really coming up. And no more over-driving my headlights.

This LED unit is now my permanent necessity for any night riding. LED snowmobile lights are available both as replacement bulbs for your stock headlight or as custom additions to them. Google LED Snowmobile Headlights to find one that suits you best. But fair warning: After installing LED illumination, I have to remember to turn it off so as not to blind oncoming riders! Click here to see my Auxiliary LED Light Product Review.


LinQ™ System For Secure Storage

Problem: How To Best Protect And Carry My Essentials.

Game changer snowmobile products include a full range of LinQ bags that fasten securely to the sled.

LinQ™ System Bags – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Carrying anything on the back of my moving snowmobile used to be a bit of a crapshoot. All that bouncing and vibration can destroy or detach a regular saddlebag. To say nothing of arriving with wet clothing or a leaky fuel container.

Then came the LinQ System with its many configurations and sizes. All LinQ accessories fasten rock solidly and offer superior content protection. What’s more, they are no longer branded with a sled manufacturer’s name. Also, LinQ accessories are now available for all makes of sleds, thanks to universal adapters. From fuel & oil caddies to cargo boxes, saddlebags, and even tool holders, LinQ provides the best solution to all my carrying problems. Some of these game changer snowmobile products are even stackable! Click here to see my LinQ System Product Review.


Split Rail Skis For Superior Handling

Problem: How To Improve My Ride With Aftermarket Product.

What makes Split Rail Skis one of the game changer snowmobile products is the dual axis concept inspired by catamaran design.

Split Rail Skis – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

On too many sleds, stock ski effectiveness seems to be an afterthought. There had to be a better way and Spilt Rail Skis invented it. In my opinion, they are the best aftermarket skis available. Thus, trail riders will notice a significant improvement to cornering and steering control. Plus, these aftermarket skis virtually eliminate darting and increase confidence for less experienced riders. What’s more, Split Rails make it easier to steer, thereby reducing shoulder and arm strain for every operator.

Meanwhile, their unique dual axis design adds front end traction with dual carbides. And snow thrown up through their centre spilt helps lube & cool the under carriage. Split Rail Skis are available for every sled brand, come in several colour choices, and are transferable to a newer snowmobile from the same manufacturer. Click here to see my Split Rail Skis Product Review.


Oxygen Helmet Does It All

Problem: How To Remedy Various Helmet Issues.

Oxygen Helmet has a huge opening space and no breath box.

Some snowmobile head protectors aren’t much more than enhanced motorcycle helmets. Others have one or two good features in an otherwise standard design. Many suffer from narrowed field of vision, visor fogging or cold drafts. Enter the super comfortable Oxygen helmet, purpose designed and built for snowmobile trail riding.

This non-OEM branded helmet redefines trail riding functionality. Many who tried a 2019 debut model report it’s the best lid they’ve ever had. Out of the box, the light-weight Oxygen comes with an electric shield with a unique magnetic connector cord. It also includes a noise reduction system, chin curtain, and an incredible wide field of vision. Plus, it has a bright red backlight so those following can spot me in snow dust or after dark. This high-tech helmet required some experimentation on test rides for me to get used to it and achieve optimal performance. But is well worth my extra effort. Click here to see my Oxygen Helmet Product Review.

Recon Heated Gloves


Problem: How To Keep My Fingers Toasty Warm.

Game changer snowmobile products include purpose-built heated snowmobile gloves by FXR.

FXR Recon Heated Gloves – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Like me, if you’ve ever snowmobiled with freezing fingers, you know it ain’t fun. It seems like my hands getting cold is the first step to a chill over my entire body. Sometimes, sub-zero temperatures defeat both heated handle bars and handlebar muffs. And some folks just naturally have hands that get cold more easily. Especially when they’re immobilized for long periods while gripping handlebars.

Whatever the case, consider this problem solved with battery-powered Recon Heated Gloves. With an easy-use, three-stage thermal heat setting, these waterproof hand coverings warm the exposed backs of my fingers. One charge can last up to five hours. So for longer trail rides, I always carry a spare set of fully charged batteries to swap in as needed. For me, wearing Recon Heated Gloves has ended frozen digits. Click here to see more about Recon Heated Gloves and other hand warming tips.


TS Pilot Skis Adjust To Trail Conditions

Problem: How To Get Better Steering Control Out of The Box.

Turning a knob to change carbide height on TS Pilot Adjustable Skis

When it comes to skis that snowmobile manufacturers put on their sleds from the factory, I generally haven’t been that impressed. Frequently, aftermarket skis seem to get superior steering control, handling and front end “feel”. Until that is, TS Pilot Adjustable Skis arrived stock on many Ski-Doo models. They quickly made my list of game changer snowmobile products.

Trail riders like me encounter many and variable trail surface conditions from place to place, day to day and even hour to hour. So, it’s hard to consistently get and keep the front-end grip on the snow I like. But with their easy turn knobs, I can change the centre carbide depth of both TS Pilot Adjustable Skis up or down according to conditions. That’s why I think TS Pilot Adjustable Skis are the best stock ski on the market. And also, a really good alternative to aftermarket options. Click here to see my TS Pilot Adjustable Skis Product Review.


Tie Down Boss For Hassle-Free Sled Trailering

Problem: How To Keep My Sled From Moving While Being Towed.

Tie Boss Tie Downs are game changer snowmobile products thanks to jam cleat innovation.

Tie Boss Tie Down Fastens with This Jam Cleat.

For many years, I fiddled with ratchet-style straps, ropes and other apparatus to secure the back end of my sleds while trailering. Little did I know how much of a pain that simple chore really was. Until that is, I tried Tie Boss.

Tie Boss is dead easy to use & store. No moving metal parts to corrode or fail apart. And nothing that can snap back on me while being stretched. Best of all, it keeps my sleds safe and secure. In fact, I’ve trailered tens of thousands of kilometres without a sled ever moving.

The secret is the Tie Boss serrated jam cleat. It locks the rope into place. But it also releases easily, even one-handed. To fasten my sled, I simply sit on its back bumper to lower it. Then I install & fasten Tie Boss and stand up so the rope tightens. Click here to see my Tie Boss Product Review.

Ice Scratchers For Sled Cooling


Problem: How To Keep My Sled From Overheating on Hard or Icy Trails.

Spring loaded design allows sleds to back up without damaging Ice Scratchers

Admittedly, I’m an early adapter to the concept of ice scratchers. I’ve also torn several sets off by mistake. Such as reversing forgetfully. Or riding up a corrugated metal ferry ramp with them down. Or crossing a metal surfaced bridge. I also lost cable-type scratchers that simply fell off when their bolts loosened or snapped.

But I’ve solved these problems with the ice scratchers available as accessories for my Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro. These tunnel scratchers are designed to survive going backwards and have replaceable tips to prolong their lifespan. They also come with brackets that hold them securely to the underside of the running boards when not in use. Unlike other ice scratchers I’ve tried, one set has lasted several 10,000-kilometre seasons already and are still going strong. Click here to see my Ice Scratchers Product Review.


Quick Connect Hitch For Temporary Towing

Problem: How To Tow My Stuff Without A Permanent Hitch.

Removable Quick Connect Hitch – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

I don’t need to tow anything behind my sled often. So, I don’t really need a permanent hitch installed. And what if I have other sleds that might occasionally be used for towing? It would hardly seem worth it to put hitches on all of them. So, I typically opted to go hitch-less. This decision was mostly okay, but periodically a pain in the butt. Then along came the Quick Connect Hitch.

This solidly made and heavy-duty device is removable. But as the name implies, it installs in minutes to the back bumper without tools. Or any modifications to the sled. Quick Connect Hitch is designed to pull from the outside edges of the bumper where it’s strongest. This positioning makes it ideal for turning my trail sled into a temporary utility snowmobile. Consider Quick Connect Hitch for going ice fishing. Or work at the cottage or hunt camp. And how about while volunteering to do trail work for your snowmobile club? Click here to see my Quick Connect Hitch Product Review.

No Fog Mask For Fogless Eyeglass


Problem: How To Prevent My Eyeglass From Fogging Up.

Balaclava-style No Fog Mask with neck curtain – Photo © by Craig Nicholson

I’ve tried many neoprene or cloth face masks for trail riding. But hands down, my vote goes to my trusty No Fog Mask. I’m one of those people who generates plenty of body heat. So, while trail riding, excess heat chimneys up my body trying to escape through my head. This and hot, moist breath are a sure recipe for eyeglass fogging. And also make it more of a challenge to keep my helmet visor clear.

So, I always carry my No Fog Mask as a back-up, just in case. I use it when the temperature really drops or if something unexpectedly causes unusual fogging in my helmet. No Fog is the fallback remedy that’s saved my vision on many a ride. Click here to see my No Fog Mask Product Review.

As I said at the outset, these are some of my game changer snowmobile products because each has worked so well for me. While yours may be different, you might want to check mine out while getting ready for the upcoming season. Who knows, you might find that some of these game changer snowmobile products also become mainstays for your trail riding!

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