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Mount Saint-Magloire Trail Access photo © by Craig Nicholson

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Why did I prepare this Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec snowmobiling snapshot?

Because I’ve visited the Quebec region known as Chaudière-Appalaches on several occasions. Each time, I’ve been impressed by its trail quality, quantity and variety. And by the region’s welcoming hospitality for snowmobilers. No wonder it’s the go-to Quebec destination for so many American snowmobilers looking primo trail riding.

Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec Snowmobiling

As you can see from the destination map above, Chaudière-Appalaches covers a large territory. It stretches south of the St. Lawrence River and the City of Quebec to the border with Maine. It also extends from the Centre du Quebec Region and Thetford Mines in the west to the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region in the east.

Our Supertrax crew chose to stage day loops out Hotel La Cache du Golf. It’s located near the intersection of Trans Quebec Trails 75 & 55 in the heart of Chaudière-Appalaches. This positioning makes it ideal for riding day loops that can be easily tailored to your daily preference or current weather conditions. Such as the raging blizzard we experienced on day three!

Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec Snowmobiling Day Loops

Wind Turbine Ahead on the Trail – photo by Al Fletcher

Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec snowmobiling takes place in a snowy region characterized by plenty of rolling hills, deep forests and majestic highlands. This varied terrain delivers an interesting and enjoyable trail network that provides differing ride experiences is every direction.

For instance, we visited spectacular mountain lookouts to the east of La Cache du Golf one day. The next, we discovered several major bridges of various design, including the longest covered bridge in Quebec. And on day three of Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec snowmobiling, we experienced the thrills of hill & dale riding. This occurred on long stretches of well staked, rolling farmland with surprisingly few road crossings.

360′ Saint-Martin Suspension Bridge – photo by Al Fletcher

Throughout the Chaudière-Appalaches trail system, 23 snowmobile clubs and their volunteers regularly provide smooth riding conditions. In fact, during our stay we hardly hit a bad section of trail. Meanwhile, there are enough towns along the way that there’s no worry about places to stop for lunch or to gas up.

So the next time you’re thinking about a Quebec ride, consider Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec snowmobiling. Once experienced, I bet this remarkable region will become one of your favourite go-to destinations, too!

Chaudière-Appalaches Quebec Snowmobiling Fast Facts

Southern View from Mont-du-Midi – Photo by Al Fletcher

Access to Region by Road

  • From Maine – Highway 201 (at Jackman)
  • From within Quebec – Highway 20 / 73

Access to Region by Trail

  • From Maine – ITS 89 (at Jackman) connects to Trans Quebec Trail 75, ITS 86 (at Coburn Gore) connects to Trans Quebec Trail 65
  • From within Quebec – Trans Quebec Trails 5 or 35

Trail Access to Lodgings

Photo by Al Fletcher

  • Hotel La Cache du Golf – by Local Trail 774 from either Trans Quebec Trails 55 or 75
  • Nearest Trail Accessible Gas to Hotel – Club Motoneige Beauceville Relais at intersection of Trans Quebec Trails 55 or 75

Tour Loop Options From Hotel

Official Loops Marked on the Trail Map

Our Day Loop Rides (black highlights)
  • East around Parc Regional du Massif du Sud (236 km)
  • South toward Maine (213 km)
  • North towards the St. Lawrence River (220 km)

Area Sled Dealers

Ride Planning Websites


Go to my Central Quebec Snowmobile Planner to get more info, contacts and links to organize your own ride!

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