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Cochrane is an instantly recognizable name in snowmobiling. So why not getaway sometime this winter and give it a try? You can do multiple day rides, staying in the same hotel every night to avoid saddlebagging if you want.

Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling Staging Location

check out the polar bears while Cochrane Ontario snowmobiling

Polar Bear Habitat photo courtesy of Destination Ontario

The Town of Cochrane (population just over 5,000) is positioned due north from Toronto on Highway 11. It’s about a 4-hour drive from North Bay and 7 to 8 hours from the GTA on good highways all the way. What’s more, Cochrane is big enough to have all the services and amenities you need. But small enough that it’s friendly and easy to get around.

Why Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling

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Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Cochrane has lived up to its reputation for delivering “The World’s #1 Snowmobile Trails” for decades. Meanwhile, this Francophone community has established itself as the gateway community to OFSC District 15’s Northern Corridor Adventure and several OFSC promoted Snow Tours.

Cochrane offers plenty of snowmobile-friendly lodgings and eating choices. That’s one good reason the town is also right up there on the short list of Ontario’s most reliable snow destinations. Another is that it’s riding season usually stretches from December to April. So if you’re looking for the best snowmobiling Ontario has to offer, Cochrane is as good as it gets. This status is in large part thanks to the yeoman’s work done by the Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club.

What’s more, the Polar Bear Riders have also been busy transforming Cochrane into a good family riding destination. Now a series of local loops are perfect for casual family outings. And there’s enough to see in town to keep anyone who isn’t into riding their brains out everyday happy too (see below). Next up for Cochrane, adding more backcountry riding places like Abitibi Canyon for those who like to play in the powder!

Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling Services

Staging Hotels

Snowmobile Dealers & Services

Be Sure to See

Explore the vintage snowmobile museum while Cochrane Ontario snowmobiling

Classic Vintage Rider Snowmobile Museum Photo courtesy of Destination Ontario

Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling Day Rides

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Photo © by Craig Nicholson

  • SouthwestGateway to North Tour, 215 km on TOP Trails A, C, A106C and L103 (food & fuel in Smooth Rock Falls).
  • NorthAbitibi Canyon Tour, 303 km on TOP Trail A103 (warm up shelters en route and food & fuel at the Canyon).
  • West – Ride 240 km via TOP A to Moonbeam clubhouse for lunch and back (big milers can go all the way to Kapuskasing – 358 km total and back in one day).
  • Family Friendly Rides – Cochrane town loops on L109 or L101; east half of Gateway to North Tour (TOP A. A106C & L103); Smooth Rock Falls on TOP Trail A and back with stop at Greenwater Provincial Park lookout on L105.

Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling Saddlebag Rides

wide open trails while Cochrane Ontario snowmobiling

Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Cochrane is also a favourite launching point for a saddlebag tour across the Northern Corridor as TOP Trail A is called in the district. With many loops and local trails to explore along the way, it’s easy to spend several days on the trails before returning to Cochrane.

Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

Cochrane Ontario Snowmobiling Info Contacts


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