Photo of Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shock

Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shock

So what are Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks? Most of us take sled suspension for granted on snowmobile tours and snowmobile vacations. And pay the price with uncomfortable rides and sore backs. As when we buy a new automobile, suspension on a snowmobile is standard equipment. But unlike with that new vehicle, the suspension under our sleds is meant to be tweaked according to weight load and surface conditions. The problem is…how do we figure out that fine-tuning?

To find our, I visited suspension guru John Sharrard at his Accelerated Technologies shop near Burleigh Falls, Ontario. From motorcycles to ATVs to every brand of snowmobile, John has a magic touch and the unique ability to explain it all in layman’s terms. All of which makes Accelerated Technologies an excellent suspension resource for a touring rider like me. I just want the most comfortable ride possible every way and every day.

Photo of John Sharrard of Accelerated Technologies

John Sharrard of Accelerated Technologies

Suspension Benefits

For this suspension tune up, John told me to bring all the weight I’d be carrying on tour. This includes snowmobile gear, full saddlebags, full gas tank. And a track full of Woody’s studs. For reality’s sake, I even ate a large lunch beforehand.

I quickly learned that if you’ve ever hated a sled, chances are its suspension wasn’t set properly for you. A suspension that’s dialled in for your weight, height and riding style makes an amazing difference. I also learned that I should pay more attention to my front suspension. This is where initial contact with moguls and bumps occurs. How the front shocks absorb these bashes and blows affects everything that happens farther back in the sled. To say nothing of steering control and how much strain my arms and shoulders endure.

Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks Product Review – Installation

John suggested I try a set of Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks on the front end. He assured me that they would be calibrated for my style of trail riding. These premium shocks will fit on any stock sled made by Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo or Yamaha. From the get-go, I could feel a difference. The Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks ate up all the trail irregularities and stutter bumps for the smoothest ride possible.

Throughout the variable surface conditions on the many trails I encountered, the Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks delivered consistent, predictable and reliable handling quality. And after putting almost 10,000 kilometres on Elka shocks that winter, my body is pleased to report the following. I never suffered any jarring jolts inflicted by those surprise bumps hiding at the bottom of some large trail dips. Day in and day out, I finished each ride with less strain and less fatigue.

Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF Shocks Product Review – After 20,000 km

P1060453But I also remembered one other word of wisdom from John Sharrard. As you pile on the miles, every shock will degrade over time. That’s a slower and more gradual process with a premium shock like Elka Suspension Stage 2 IPF. Certainly, these front shocks didn’t seem any the worse for wear after that first 10,000 kilometres. But just in case, I took them in for a check up.

John’s diagnosis was that my Elka’s remained in great shape with oil still clean and interior showing no scoring or corrosion. John said they would easily go another full season of normal use. But knowing that I’d be doing at least the same kind of distance again the next winter, he suggested a rebuild just to be on the safe side.

My second 10,000 klicks last season were every bit as comfortable as the year before. What’s more, even by my final ride last spring, there was no noticeable performance deterioration. That’s 20,000 kilometres and still going strong. Absolutely, an outstanding return on investment from Elka!


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