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Medical data carrier affixed to back of FXR helmet

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This is my Medical Data Carrier Product Review. It starts with the oft-repeated statement: “Nothing’s ever gonna happen to me.”

This is what every snowmobiler thinks. Each of us expects to return home safely from every snowmobile tour and snowmobile vacation. But occasionally, tragedy strikes on snowmobile trails. And if it does, Medical Data Carrier can save your life.

Medical Data Carrier Components

Medical Data Carrier has two specialized components. One is two-sided synthetic paper. On it, you write your pertinent medical information (blood type, allergies, medications, etc.) and emergency contacts. Two is the waterproof and adhesive carrier sleeve that you insert this paper to protect it. The self-adhesive carrier is available in white, black or hi-vis reflective. It affixes unobtrusively to the side of your helmet. Its exterior features a valuable warning about not removing a victim’s helmet to avoid causing more serious injury.

For snowmobiling, I prefer the reflective one. I affix it to the back of my helmet. There it also serves as a night time reflector of headlights, just one more way for the riders following to spot me after dark.

Carrier Assists in Emergencies

In a worst-case snowmobile trail mishap, you may be unconscious. If so, it’s doubtful your companions will know or be in any state to provide much personal info about you. But with this handy product adhered to your helmet, emergency responders can quickly find out everything they need.

Then they can start treating you faster and properly. This is very important in a crisis situation. Because every second can make the difference between life and death. Especially if you have any special needs, allergies. Or are taking prescription medications. Treatment might aggravate or negatively interact with these to create an even more serious problem.

Medical Data Video

Medical Data Carrier Verdict

My touring crew tested this product for safe snowmobiling. Ours stayed stuck, intact and protected. Even through cold, snow and rain – with no signs of wear or damage.That’s why I recommend Medical Data Carrier. It’s a simple, easy-to-use and inexpensive snowmobile safety product. It gives every snowmobiler better odds if things go horribly wrong. All you have to do is update it periodically as your medical information changes.

What’s more, if everyone has one on their helmet, it provides your whole riding group with peace of mind. With the info it carries, everyone knows first responders will find what they need on site and quickly to do their jobs properly. Available online from Medical Data Carrier. It’s a very low cost product that can save your life! For more great ideas, visit my list of game changer snowmobile products!

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