Planning Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours…

ontario's self guided snow tours

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Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

What are Ontario’s self guided snow tours? Ontario has over 30,000 kilometres (16,000 miles) of snowmobile trails across a province that’s bigger than Texas. But what rider can really fathom this huge number of OFSC Ontario snowmobile trails that appears as the world’s largest system on the Provincial Snowmobile Trail Guide? I mean, if you want to go snowmobiling, what you’re looking for is a handful of Ontario snowmobile trails. Trails that you can actually ride in a day, weekend or for your Ontario snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation.

ontario's self guided snow tours

So while it’s nice to know that you have lots of choices. With more than 30,000 kilometres of snowmobile trails in Ontario, the reality is that you always select a manageable chunk – a small piece of the whole network – to ride at any given time on your Ontario snowmobile tour. The rest of the system simply doesn’t matter until it’s time to choose your next destination for another ride.

Easy To Choose Your Ontario Snowmobile Tour

ontario's self guided snow tours

Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson

Sure, you can zero in a little from the big picture helicopter view of Ontario’s self guided snow tours. Simply consult one of the more regionalized district trail guides. But what if you’re not familiar with that area or its Ontario snowmobile trails? The challenge of selecting the best snow conditions and locality for your snow machine ride still confronts you.

For many, especially those visiting from out of area or out of province that search is too much of a crapshoot. Same goes for for families looking for shorter rides, After all, you don’t want to get lost or run out of gas. Or be unable to find a restaurant or lodgings. Or suffer through a ride that turns out to be much longer or more difficult than anticipate. But that’s what can happen if you have to choose an Ontario snowmobile ride haphazardly.

ontario's self guided snow tours

Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson

So why not take the anxiety out of deciding where to ride? OFSC-Promoted Snow Tours help do just that. No more guesswork. The province has 35 of Ontario’s self guided snow tours available this winter. Each clearly identified snow tour travels on established Ontario snowmobile trails. All are well mapped and marked. Each is also maintained as part of a specially named and designated route.

All routes have a set distance, staging areas and snowmobile trail access to services. Plus, a very important district commitment to priority grooming. What’s more, there’s an online services list for each of Ontario’s self guided snow tours. It breaks your ride down trail section by section, including distances and what services are available along that trail.

Some of Ontario’s self guided snow tours are longer saddlebag rides, while most are day rides. In many areas, you can combine several day ride snow tours for multiple days of Ontario snowmobiling in the same region, staging out of one location. So how do you discover what snow tours you want to ride for your Ontario snowmobile tour?

How To Decide Which Ontario Snowmobile Trails to Ride

ontario's self guided snow tours

Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson

You can start your Ontario’s self guided snow tours selection process easily. Either with the printed OFSC Provincial Snowmobile Trail Guide or online at the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide. In print, the map highlights Ontario’s self guided snow tours. So a quick glance enables you to hone in on an area that interests you. Then you can check out in more detail on the appropriate district print guide.

Online at the Interactive Trail Guide, the snow tours are by region. They are in a drop down menu. So whatever one you click on highlights on the map face along with more info and links. Alternatively, you can check out the complete OFSC-Promoted Snow Tours list. Simply click the Snow Tours logo on the OFSC home page. After reviewing this list, click on the district link provided for each tour to get more information and see its services list.

Rating Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours

ontario's self guided snow toursAfter you ride one of Ontario’s self guided snow tours, why not go online and rate it? Kinda like Trip Advisor, you can share with other riders by letting them know what you experienced. As more ratings come in, each snow tour will get a one-to-five star rating to inform everyone how it’s doing. To have your say, simply visit the OFSC home page and click on the Snow Tours rating link.

No other snowmobiling jurisdiction in the world offers such turnkey, packaged and snowmobiler-friendly sledding routes to enhance your riding experience. Just one more good reason to make an Ontario snowmobile tour your number one choice for great snowmobiling this winter!


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