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Apparently, many snowmobilers get confused about the intricacies buying a Quebec Annual Trail Permit. Note that the website of the Federation of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) provides relevant information in several different places.

But many visitors don’t know what to search for. Or even what questions to ask to get the info needed to purchase their Quebec Annual Trail Permit. So, after chatting with the FCMQ, I created the following list. It is updated for 2022 permits. Hopefully, it makes the process easier for non-Quebec residents to understand & follow, and to snowmobile in Quebec.

Quebec Annual Trail Permit Purchase

  • Permit buying is now online only. After purchase you get a temporary document by email that enables you to ride immediately.
  • Permit purchasers now have two options for buying their Quebec Annual Trail Permit. Buy it either with or without the insurance charge included (see Liability Insurance below).
Get Quebec Annual Trail permit online.

FCMQ Trail Permit Ad

Trail Permit Vouchers

Snowmobilers planning to ride in Quebec this winter will be interested to learn that the Federation of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) has launched a permit voucher system as of November 1, 2022.
This system is designed so that by purchasing a voucher, snowmobilers who do not yet have their sled info can take advantage of the early bird rate, even if they finalize their trail permit purchase transaction after December 9, 2023.

Quebec Annual Trail Permit Cost (2024)

    • $440  for an annual access right purchased on or before December 9, 2023
    • $530  for an annual access right purchased after December 9, 2023
    • $900  for an annual access fee sold on the trail*
    • $400  for an annual access fee for antique snowmobiles (2003 and older snowmobiles)
    • $40  for a replacement access fee**

Liability Insurance Choices

  • Annual permits include a $39.67 charge for civil liability insurance mandatory for every sled operating in Quebec (minimum coverage by law is $500,000).
  • Riders who reside outside of Quebec must possess liability insurance coverage. It must meet or exceed this minimum amount to ride in Quebec. You can purchase such coverage within your home jurisdiction. Or buy it via the policy attached to your FCMQ trail permit (which includes $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage).
  • However, be aware that Quebec laws define and regulate this coverage for Quebec residents. This means any liability issues, legalities or claims will be dealt within Quebec. So, visitors who do a lot of riding elsewhere should seriously consider purchasing the liability coverage recommended at home.
  • If you choose to purchase a permit WITH insurance coverage included in your permit cost, you have 10 days from date of purchase to claim a full refund of $39.67. Thereafter, the insurance company prorates your refund amount down. This decrease is according to how much later you apply for it (i.e. as a function of that portion of the insurance coverage they deem already used).
  • If you choose to purchase a trail permit WITHOUT insurance coverage included in your permit cost, you must provide proof of alternative liability coverage. And then wait 14 days for the insurance company to confirm it before you can legally ride in Quebec. This processing costs an additional charge, which the company deducts from the refund noted in the previous bullet point.

Best Option For Out-Of-Province Riders

In my opinion, you’re better off to buy your liability insurance in your home jurisdiction. For example, my home province of Ontario includes broader coverage and more benefits in liability insurance coverage. So the Quebec coverage included with the Quebec Annual Trail Permit may not meet be sufficient for snowmobiling in Ontario.

With this in mind, what is the easiest online purchase of a Quebec Annual Trail Permit? I recommend that riders who reside outside of Quebec buy one with the liability insurance charge included. At the time of purchase, submit the insurance refund option. This way, you can start riding right away, plus get the full refund back. Choosing not to include liability insurance means a 14-day wait, and a much lower refund.

Other Permit Costs (2024)

  • $285  for a 7-day access fee
  • $185  for a 3-day access fee
  • $95  for a 1-day access fee
  • $650  for an access fee for a rental snowmobile

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So there you have it, folks. My everything-you-need-to-know advice about buying a Quebec Annual Trail Permit for the coming winter. Now all you need is good info about where to go. So check out my Quebec touring articles to make your choice. See you on their trails!

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