Removable Snowmobile Hitch Expands Sled Function…

quick connect removable snowmobile hitch installed on the rear bumper of a ski doo sled

Quick Connect Removable Snowmobile Hitch Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson


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So what’s the scoop on Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch? You may think great minds have already invented every important sled accessory.  Then along comes a new one – and I’m not surprised it’s from Tricked-Toys.

These Canadian guys offer useful items on their website. Items like Snow Flap Savers, Rattle Stoppers, ice scratchers, gas racks, an array of custom Billet Aluminium accessories to make your sled look even sharper. And now they sell the Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch.

Solve Weak Bumper Problem

quick connect removable snowmobile hitchAnyone who’s added a tow hitch to their sled’s rear bumper quickly comes to several important realizations. One, some bumpers are pretty flimsy (especially compared to some loads you may want to tow).

And two, snow machine bumpers aren’t as strong as they used to be. But you’ll know the Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch means business at first contact. That’s because it has a solid, sturdy feel and heavy duty, well made look.

Easy Attach & Remove

quick connect removable snowmobile hitchTrue to its name, Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch fastens to your back bumper in seconds. Plus, its rubber-lined clamps grip like glue when you hand tighten the large clamping nuts. And they don’t mark your sled.

To test its secure fit, I enlisted my sledding buddies to use Quick Connect. For example, they used it to lift the back of my snowmobile off the ground and shake it around a bit. Of course, the ultimate test is towing something. For this purpose, Quick Connect pulled the dead weight of another sled no problem.

Quick Connect installs to the your sled’s rear bumper near its attachment points to the frame. This positioning directs the pull of any load away from your bumper’s weak centre point to its stronger outer edges. As a result, you’re now able to pull a load more easily and with less potential for sled damage.

Best of all, when you’re finished towing, simply remove the Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch until the next time it’s needed.

My Last Word

So Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch is excellent for anyone wanting to temporarily add some utility capacity to their sled. It’s great for use at the cottage, going ice fishing, towing the kids in a sled buggy or hauling a broken sled home. Available in Aluminium or Black. That’s why it made my list of game changer snowmobile products!

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