Snowflap Savers hold flap away from track.

Snowflap Savers hold flap away from track.

Sometimes little things can make a huge difference in snowmobiling, like this Snowflap Savers product review.

Last winter, I installed a small boomerang shaped piece of metal. It went at the back of each side of my tunnel, under the snow flap. I’d been led to believe that these “Snowflap Savers” would do just that. They would keep my flap from rolling up and in to get caught in my track and chewed by my studs.

This annoyance usually occurs either when I’m backing my sled down my Triton trailer ramp. Or when backing up in loose snow. Or if the flap encounters the edge of a groomed trail when trying to turn around.

Snowflap Savers – They Really Work!

The resulting jam up can be tough to pull back into position. It can also be unsightly to ride with and expensive to replace. But none of this happens with Snowflap Savers. They’re easy to install and I didn’t have a flap issue all season.


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