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Snowmobile Nova Scotia for my snowmobile vacation? I had no idea what to expect from this Nova Scotia snowmobile tour. But I wondered if it could compete with the provincial networks offered in New Brunswick, Quebec or Ontario. I also suspected a Nova Scotia snowmobile tour must have some great trail riding.

Nova Scotia didn’t disappoint. The grooming was state of the art, despite so much snow that I almost caught a ski on the top edge of a buried sign! So I thoroughly enjoyed my 933-kilometre Nova Scotia snowmobile tour adventure. And meeting a bunch of very helpful, friendly snowmobilers.

Snowmobile Nova Scotia in Three Regions

Nova Scotia snowmobiling occurs in three distinct regions not linked to each other by trails. Cape Breton Highlands run from Cheticamp in the north to Port Hastings at the island’s southern tip. The northern mainland goes from Antigonish in the east to Amherst at the boundary with New Brunswick. And the Annapolis Valley heads .from Kentville southwest. Each of these areas offers several days of good riding to those willing to trailer in for a Nova Scotia snowmobile tour. Certainly snowmobilers from Halifax and other parts of the province can do so easily. And come away with their riding desires completely satiated.
After flying into Sydney, Jean Leroux and I started our Nova Scotia snowmobile tour at Cape Breton’s Margaree Centre. There, we met our guides for the week. These were Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia then-president Laurie Cranton and then-general manager Jamie Wolverton. Then vice-president Linda Wyllie joined our tour the next day. Our objective for this Nova Scotia snowmobile tour was to ride in each of the three regions, trailering from one to the other. Normally, I don’t tour with guides. But as you will see, this time it was a good idea.

Read more about my snowmobiling Nova Scotia tour as published in Snow Goer Canada snowmobile magazine.

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Riders should reconfirm the routes and services mentioned in this Nova Scotia snowmobile tour article as they may have changed since publication.


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