How To Recover Your Sled & Save Your Winter…

This snowmobile tracking device comes well-packaged and complete.

Snowmobile tracking device out of the box – case with sides fasteners & magnet discs (l), tracker unit that goes inside it (r).

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So why is a snowmobile tracking device a good idea? Because snowmobile theft is increasing at an alarming rate. Tow vehicles and trailers are also going missing more frequently. It doesn’t help that our winter toys are often more vulnerable and easily stolen than other motorized vehicles. Think about it…

What Makes A Snowmobile Tracking Device Necessary?

We trailer somewhere for a ride and regularly leave our rigs parked in unsecured. They are unsupervised or remote locations, commonly for many unattended days. We do the same with our sleds, parking them overnight and outside at various lodgings. And when we’re not using them, our trailer and sleds ordinarily sit alone at home while we go about our daily business.

Sure, some of us take good security measures to prevent theft. But with opportunity, right tools and enough time, determined thieves can circumvent almost any safeguards. And it really sucks to lose these prized possessions. Though that pain can be eased by insurance reimbursement, insurance payouts take time. Even assuming you can buy a replacement sled any time soon.

But what can’t be restored is the time you lose on the snow. Maybe even the rest of your priceless winter. So doesn’t it make sense to defend your irreplaceable toys? With one more safety net that can help recover them if the worst happens? That’s what a snowmobile tracking device can do.

“Even though my sled’s stored inside at home when I’m at work, I’m more comfortable being able to check on it whenever I want and that I’ll be notified if it moves unexpectedly.” – Brent Murphy

How An InTouch VP Snowmobile Tracking Device Works

In its case, InTouch VP snowmobile tracking device fits in your hand.

The InTouch VP snowmobile tracking device is from PassTime. It provides the peace of mind of knowing where your snowmobile or trailer is at all times. Whether that’s on the trail, on the road, parked overnight at your lodgings, at home, in storage. Or stolen by a pack of thieves.

This palm-size device includes its own internal, advanced lithium power technology. It provides battery life of up to 4+ years without ever needing to be recharged or draining your sled’s battery. Plus, InTouch VP’s leading edge, GPS and BeyondGPS™ indoor and outdoor asset tracking technology offers dual location data. Even when GPS isn’t available. With InTouch VP you get freedom from wires, flexible functionality and go-anywhere technology.

How To Set Up InTouch VP Snowmobile Tracking Device

InTouch VP unit in its foam-lined case. The round black tab above covers the activation switch on the tracking unit after the red strip is removed and it’s turned on.

Each sleek, self-contained and weather resistant unit is easy to install in its available rugged case. First, activate the unit following the simple, 4-step instructions that come in the box. Second, fill out the registration form (we received email replies with our log in info promptly), download the app and log in. Third, place the tracker in the foam-lined case. Then fasten the it shut with the integrated clip handles.

Next, decide which of two installation methods work best for you. The case is equipped with two ultra-strong magnets. They clamp tightly onto ferromagnetic metals like steel and iron. Alternatively, the case’s clip handles are strong enough to secure the unit with heavy duty zip ties to aluminium sleds and trailers.

The latter was our choice to instal an InTouch VP snowmobile tracking device on top of the sled’s air intake box. This positioning would keep it out of sight. Also, away from immediate sources of high heat like the engine block and exhaust. No moguls will ever shake it loose!

“Activating and installing the InTouch VP was a breeze and it’s reassuring to always know where my sled is when I’m away on tour.” – Craig Irwin

snowmobile tracking device tucked away above the airbox.

InTouch VP secured on top of the sled’s air box.

Benefits of InTouch VP Snowmobile Tracking Device

So what benefits will the InTouch VP snowmobile tracking device provide? InTouch VP contains an advanced accelerometer. It reports the sled’s location data when the machine begins to move and after it become stationary. That not only enables theft recovery, it can also help track where your loved ones are on the trails. In an emergency, it can provide that location to 1st responders to get help faster.  But that’s not all…

The InTouch VP snowmobile tracking device also protects your investment in off season. Once the snow has melted and winter is over, InTouch VP can protect your snowmobile where it is being stored. In the event of a theft, you receive a notification that your snowmobile is moving. You can also see where it stops, and notify law enforcement with the GPS location data for more effective and efficient recovery.

My Last Word

That’s ultimate test of the worth of a snowmobile tracking device. But I’d prefer not to go through that experience myself. As long as InTouch VP continues to reliably track my sled for my own gratification, I’m assured that it will also thwart any criminals. Meanwhile, it has made my list of game changer snowmobile products!


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