How Stuckmate Extracts Stuck Snow Machines…


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Why use Stuckmate to get your sled unstuck? Any rider who’s ever been stuck in deep snow knows what a chore it is to get out. I’ve been buried up to the ying-yang numerous times in my sledding career and ended up sweating my balls off trying to get unstuck as you can see in a previous post. All I can say is thank God to the many strong and willing buddies who have helped me out over the years! Typically, it goes something like this…

After tramping down the snow in front of the sled as much as possible, it usually takes a strong pull on the skis coordinated with steady throttle and brute force to extricate. This is very problematic if you’re alone and can even be difficult with only one companion to assist. But what if you could accelerate and pull on a ski at the same time?

Stuckmate Safety Device

Stuckmate is a safety device that makes this happen. Invented by a Canadian snowmobiler, Stuckmate gives you an extra helping hand when you need it most. Basically, it’s a handlebar-mounted, spring-loaded clip that affixes to your throttle lever. It operates via a 6-foot cable controlled by a handheld trigger device. Squeeze the trigger gently and the sled throttle engages while you’re standing to the side and pulling on the ski.

Stuckmate Universal Design

With a universal design that fits all makes of snowmobiles, this bright yellow device is incredibly light and packs away in its own small storage pouch that’s always easy to carry with you. It’s also easy to install, to operate, and it works as advertised – just be sure to follow the instructions carefully…

So the next time you get stuck in the snow and before you work up a serious sweat lugging your guts out, put Stuckmate to good use – it’s the smart, easy way to get back on top of the snow where you belong! Stuckmate is available online for $99.95 + tax.


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