Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer

Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer

Here is my  Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer product review. When Triton Trailer distributer Paul McNichol suggested I try a fully enclosed, 2-bed trailer this winter, my first reaction was: “But I’ve always used an enclosed 2-bed Triton Trailer!” Well, yes and no…

Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer Product Review – Fully Enclosed

The operative word here is “fully”. To date my Triton of choice has been an Elite Series, which is essentially a Triton aluminium bed with a lightweight Triton Coverall add-on. With this “clam-shell” design, I’d access the sleds by lifting the cover up at the back, and load or unloaded sleds either by tilting the snowmobile trailer bed or by attaching a ramp stored underneath it.

Triton Elite Series Snowmobile trailer

Triton Elite Series

When Paul said, “fully enclosed”, that’s trailer lingo for one that’s factory built as an entirely integrated, completely framed unit. Not wanting to increase my snowmobile trailer size much, I opted for a Triton TC Series, which looks similar to the Elite at first glance, but sled access is by a drop down rear door that doubles as a ramp. The TC is the same width and length as a comparable Elite, but is somewhat higher, so at 6’ 1” tall I can stand up inside no problem.

Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer Product Review – Good First Impression

Inside my Triton TC Series Snowmobile Trailer

Inside my Triton TC Series

My first impression of my Triton TC Series is very favourable. It has all the outstanding Triton features I’ve come to expect. Meanwhile, the drop down door/ramp is easier for loading and unloading. The ski guides installed on the ramp and bed are angled just right so that I can exactly position each sled on the first try when loading.

The front access door is big and wide enough to enable ease of fastening down the front skis with Triton’s great Sur-Lock tie downs bars. Unlike the clamshell design, where I sometimes had to sweep an accumulated weight of snow off the roof before I could lift it to open, the TC back door opens easily every time. And I get to store my spare tire on a wall bracket instead of exposed to the elements on the Elite’s trailer tongue.

As the season goes on and I really begin to pile up my trailering distance, I’m sure that I’ll have many more observations and comments about my new Triton TC snowmobile trailer. Based on my limited experience to date, I suspect that my final verdict will be a strong thumbs up, but for now I’m just happy to have learned the difference between “enclosed” and “fully enclosed”.


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