Get Ready For Winter… 

Winter Is My Season

Winter Is My Season


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Winter is my season. Feel it? That’s the itch of anticipation. Yes, only one short autumn to suffer through before winter comes, and I’m already getting antsy.

There are important questions that need answering. Will my new Ski-Doo snowmobile arrive on time? Does my FXR suit still fit? How bad will the gear smell that I forgot to clean after last season? Where are we going to ride? And the real biggie…will it snow?

So far, every long-range forecast I’ve seen is calling for a cold, snowy winter in the Great Lakes region. Even the Farmer’s Almanac. And according to the old-timers, apparently the caterpillars, bees and squirrels agree. Yippee, maybe all the stars finally are aligned for a great winter!

Winter Is My Season so Get Ready!

While waiting, I’m doing my best to keep my snow addiction under control. I’m spending more quality time with my sled. I’m re-sorting my (smelly) gear. I’m trying to get down to my ideal riding weight. I’m going to snowmobile shows to blunt my craving. I’m helping my local snowmobile club to get ready. When the withdrawal pain intensifies, I even attend my support group, Sledders Anonymous. And I’m spending lots of time in the can with my newly arrived snowmobile magazines – they’re more exciting than any issue of Maxim!

I know there’s really no easy way to make fall go faster. Hopefully, winter will come early. Meanwhile, it sure helps to tease cold haters that winter is coming – because that’s MY season of the year!

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