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Woodys Traction Studs in my sled track

Woodys Traction Studs Work for Me

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If you’ve ever wondered about traction products for your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation, here’s my Woodys traction studs snowmobile product review. If you ride in deep snow all the time, you probably don’t need studs. Mountain sledders, off-trail riders and water crossers don’t need them. But anyone that runs regularly on groomed snow trails or hard packed snow, in areas subject to frequent temperature fluctuations, or that does much ice running should seriously consider their value for safety and peace of mind.

Woodys Traction Studs – Safety and Peace of Mind

That’s because the interface between rubber and snow or ice is inherently tenuous, variable and unpredictable. So snowmobilers need a great equalizer and in my opinion, the more trail riding or snowmobile tours you do, the more you need Woodys traction studs.

Sure, studs and carbides can improve a sled’s racing performance. But what’s more important for most of us is the safety factor. As your equalizer, Woody’s gives you a better grip to eliminate slipping, sliding and sudden loss of control.

Before studs, many’s the time I’ve been riding along without a care in the world, then unexpectedly hit a patch of ice, a slippery corner or an incline polished bare by previous tracks. With studs, there’s little concern. The back end of my sled maintains tractions, stays stable and retains directional control. Without studs, all kinds of bad things can happen…

Woodys Traction Studs – Bad Things Can Happen to Good Riders

Like the day a bunch of us zoomed down a snow-covered backwoods road. All of us made it without incident, but the one sled without studs suddenly went out of control. It spun around and did several barrel rolls, throwing off the rider and damaging windshield and cowling. Or the time we had to cross glare ice. Those with studs had no problem, while those without were constantly doing uncontrolled donuts or getting off to push when their tracks spun uselessly.

So I’m always mind-boggled by touring riders who brag about never studding their tracks. To me that’s like boasting no snow tires or 4-wheel drive for winter driving – why take the chance?

Woodys Traction Studs – That Extra Edge

Don’t view Woodys traction studs as a licence to go faster either, because that’s not what they’re for. As with any safety device, you can push beyond their limits and get into trouble.  Instead, look at them as providing that extra edge to make the way you already ride even safer. To achieve this properly for trail riding, be sure to get the right length studs for your track. Don’t over stud either – some tracks are pre-holed to guide you to the right number and pattern of studs. Woody’s also offers good self-installation information and instructions on their web site.

I’ve used Woodys studs for several years now and here’s what else I like about them. Even when I put on almost 15,000 kilometres in one season, they didn’t break, didn’t pull through the track and maintained their gripping power. When combined with the added stability and handling provided by their Slim Jim™ Dooly® carbides, which also eliminate front end darting, the Woodys traction studs package is second to none. I guess that’s why Woody’s are the only studs approved by Ski-Doo for their REV-XP and REV-XR sleds. I know they’ve earned my top rating too. Check out all the Woody’s traction products.


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