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Closest Ontario Trail Riding For American Snowmobilers

The United States and Canada share a continent. Also, many common interests. Not least is a passion for snowmobiling. When it comes to trail riding, many of Ontario’s most popular areas are within a snowball’s throw of our shared international border. That makes them easily accessible to any American snowmobilers in search of cross border sledding adventures… American snowmobilers …

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Four Popular Early Season Snowmobiling Destinations

Finding sufficient snow and ready trails can be a moving target for early season riders. And sometimes getting that first trail ride involves traveling somewhere different and farther than usual to find those special sweets spots of snow in early season snowmobiling destinations. Typically, your goals are different too. They may lean more to breaking-in your new sled, checking …

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New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to make New Year’s snowmobiling resolutions to break. I’ve made and broken my share over the years. I figure many resolutions fail mainly because they’re typically about trying to force myself to do things I really don’t want to do. Thing like taking up rock climbing, stopping ice cream or …

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Ontario Snowmobile Speed Limit Needs Updating

I donned my TekVest before penning this politically incorrect blog about the Ontario snowmobile speed limit. I’m going to open a controversial can of worms. So I fully expect a slew of darts and arrows to speed my way. Hopefully, there’ll be a few kudos too. So here goes… There are already reports of radar traps on a …

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Stay On Trail Or Stay Home

Enough pussyfooting around. I’m really pissed off. I’m fed up with the “I-can-go-anywhere-I-want” mentality of some snowmobilers and how it’s hurting our favourite winter activity… I’m sick of snowmobilers causing trail closures. How? While supposedly trail riding, they cut corners in farmer’s fields, ignore stake lines, run stakes down and stray off the designated trails to play in the …

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Pembroke Ontario Snowmobiling Snapshot

Many riders are looking for new places to go snowmobiling for a weekend getaway. So Pembroke Ontario Snowmobiling is a great choice because it delivers everything a snowmobiler needs… Pembroke (population: 24,000) is located at the southeast corner of Algonquin Park along the Ottawa River on Highway 17. Conveniently, it’s little more than a four-hour drive from the Greater …

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Top Five Snowmobiling Hubs Near Golden Horseshoe Ontario

Ontario is a huge place with over 30,000 kilometres of organized snowmobile trails. So how do you discover the best snowmobiling hubs near Golden Horseshoe? That’s Canada’s most densely populated region, stretching from Niagara Falls around the western end of Lake Ontario to Oshawa. It includes all of the Greater Toronto Area. There are no snowmobile trails in the …

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Why Own A Snowmobile Trailer – Top Reasons To Buy

ÿ Why own a snowmobile trailer? Snowmobile trailer ownership is increasing across the snowbelt. It’s driven by snowmobilers who really want to get the most out of winter. Gone are the days when we could count on a consistent blanket of snow throughout the snowbelt from December to March. We still have plenty of good snow and great trails. But …

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Reduce Snowmobiling Risks By Taking Precautions

What’s the point of trying to reduce snowmobiling risks? No matter how you ride, snowmobiling poses certain inherent threats. Why? Because it occurs in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting far away from civilization and emergency assistance. That said, 99.9% of snowmobilers return home safely after each ride. No matter what your riding style, ensure you continue to be …

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Fine Tuning New Snowmobiles

Many variables can affect your enjoyment of snowmobiling. You can’t do much about snow or trail conditions. But you can ensure that your sled is delivering the most enjoyable ride possible from the get-go with these tips for fine tuning new snowmobiles. Your enjoyable ride starts with a brand new or new-to-you snowmobile that best suits your physicality, experience …

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Buy Used Snowmobiles Shopping Tips

Are you in the market to upgrade your older sled? Are you looking for your first snowmobile? Or do you need another sled for your growing family? Whatever the case, finding an affordable, reliable snow machine that’s good value with no nasty (and costly) surprises would be ideal… I don’t pretend to be a snow machine mechanic. But here …

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