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Snowmobile Smiths Falls Ontario

Our Supertrax crew chose to snowmobile Smiths Falls for a quick three-day long weekend in mid-winter. It’s a snowmobile-friendly destination that’s not too crowded. That’s one reason we picked it and here’s the rest of the story… The Province of Ontario is huge. In fact, its million square kilometre land mass makes Ontario larger than either Alaska or Texas. The …

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Ride Your Side This Winter

How come so many snowmobilers wander all over the trail? What happened to ride your side trail riding? In fact, riders not keeping to the right is the numero uno reason many people don’t feel safe anymore on the trails. And why many either don’t ride on weekends at all or have given up snowmobiling altogether… Riding a …

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Snowmobiler Christmas Gift Ideas

Hung up on snowmobiler Christmas gift ideas for that special rider? The clock’s ticking, but it’s not too late to stimulate your brainwaves with my alphabetical list of recommended products… Electric Visor Cord: Carrying a spare replacement ensures visor clear if the original cord breaks! Hand-E-View Mirror: Allows a rider to see behind on a sled with no mirrors …

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New Brunswick Northern Odyssey Ride

What’s not to like about the snowmobile New Brunswick Northern Odyssey? Under startling blue skies, I remember thinking:“Snowmobiling doesn’t get any better than this!” Endless miles of wide, rolling white carpets made for exhilarating and effortless riding. As these sweeping trails carved through snow covered mountains, majestic wind turbine blades revolved in slow motion on nearby hilltops, as if …

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Avoiding Black Snowmobile Gear

I ponder many things while trail riding. One is why more riders aren’t avoiding black snowmobile gear. I mean, why does anyone still wear black? You’d hope that my mind would occupy itself with more momentous issues. Like what’s for lunch. Or where’s the next gas. Or are we going to make our destination before dark? But every time …

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Quebec Snowmobile Tour Destination Favourites

It’s a real challenge to choose the best Quebec snowmobile tour destination favourites. After all, I’ve enjoyed most every ride in La Belle Province. But many snowmobilers thinking of visiting Quebec for the first time ask me for a recommendation. So here goes… These are five of my Quebec snowmobile tour destination favourites, listed in alphabetical order. Yeah, …

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Sharpening Snowmobile Carbides

Not so long ago, snowmobilers hardly ever spent time sharpening snowmobile carbides. Now, it seems like a no brainer. Most trail riders have experienced this scary situation. It happens when your sled unexpectedly doesn’t go where you’re trying to steer. Worse case, you simply can’t count on predictable behavior from your snow machine anymore. To troubleshoot this dangerous concern, one …

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Early Season Snowmobiling Destinations

Finding sufficient snow and ready trails can be a moving target for early season riders. And sometimes getting that first trail ride involves traveling somewhere different and farther than usual to find those special sweets spots of snow in early season snowmobiling destinations. Typically, your goals are different too. They may lean more to breaking-in your new sled, checking …

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Snowmobiling Nosebleed Tips

Nobody talks much about a snowmobiling nosebleed. But you’d be surprised how many riders have had one. In fact, did you know that about 60% of the population suffers nosebleeds at one time or another? Nosebleeds are more prevalent in adults over 50, especially during the winter. Typically, dried out nasal membranes cause nosebleeds. This can easily happen while …

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Tow Vehicle Winter Tires For Snowmobilers

How much attention do snowmobilers pay to tow vehicle winter tires? Maybe not enough…   It used to be that many snowmobilers could trail ride from home, so towing and trailering wasn’t much of a consideration. But today, the snow line may have moved farther away. Also, more of us are urbanites who reside far from the nearest trail. …

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Reduce Snowmobiling Risks

What’s the point of trying to reduce snowmobiling risks? No matter how you ride, snowmobiling poses certain inherent threats. Why? Because it occurs in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting far away from civilization and emergency assistance. That said, 99.9% of snowmobilers return home safely after each ride. No matter what your riding style, ensure you continue to be …

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Quebec Annual Trail Permit Made Easy

Apparently, many snowmobilers get confused about the intricacies buying a Quebec Annual Trail Permit. Note that the website of the Federation of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) provides relevant information in several different places. But many visitors don’t know what to search for. Or even what questions to ask to get the info needed to purchase their Quebec Annual …

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