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Early Season Snowmobiling Destinations

Finding sufficient snow and ready trails can be a moving target for early season riders. And sometimes getting that first trail ride involves traveling somewhere different and farther than usual to find those special sweets spots of snow in early season snowmobiling destinations. Typically, your goals are different too. They may lean more to breaking-in your new sled, checking …

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Snowmobiling Nosebleed Tips

Nobody talks much about a snowmobiling nosebleed. But you’d be surprised how many riders have had one. In fact, did you know that about 60% of the population suffers nosebleeds at one time or another? Nosebleeds are more prevalent in adults over 50, especially during the winter. Typically, dried out nasal membranes cause nosebleeds. This can easily happen while …

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Tow Vehicle Winter Tires For Snowmobilers

How much attention do snowmobilers pay to tow vehicle winter tires? Maybe not enough…   It used to be that many snowmobilers could trail ride from home, so towing and trailering wasn’t much of a consideration. But today, the snow line may have moved farther away. Also, more of us are urbanites who reside far from the nearest trail. …

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Reduce Snowmobiling Risks

What’s the point of trying to reduce snowmobiling risks? No matter how you ride, snowmobiling poses certain inherent threats. Why? Because it occurs in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting far away from civilization and emergency assistance. That said, 99.9% of snowmobilers return home safely after each ride. No matter what your riding style, ensure you continue to be …

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Quebec Annual Trail Permit Made Easy

Apparently, many snowmobilers get confused about the intricacies buying a Quebec Annual Trail Permit. Note that the website of the Federation of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) provides relevant information in several different places. But many visitors don’t know what to search for. Or even what questions to ask to get the info needed to purchase their Quebec Annual …

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Ski Doo Accessories Customize Riding

Ski Doo accessories are as innovative as their snowmobiles. I’m particularly impressed with what’s next. Creative ideas that integrate seamlessly with their snow machines are one good reason why BRP has achieved a commanding share of the snowmobile market. So here’s some food for thought as you start thinking about next winter. Whether you’re a Ski Doo rider …

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Snowmobile Club Volunteers Crisis

Is there really a crisis with snowmobile club volunteers? If the online pleas from snowmobile clubs I see almost daily are any indication, the answer is an unequivocal YES. It’s a fact. The shortage of unpaid helpers is already impacting the quality, quantity and sustainability of snowmobile trails throughout the snowbelt. And unless more snowmobilers step up to the …

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Christmas Snowmobiling in Lanaudière

Each fall I get inquiries from eager riders wanting to know where to go Christmas snowmobiling. Typically, they have only a few days available. So, they have limited travel time. They also want sure snow, and there’s the rub… For most eastern North America trail riding destinations, the days between Christmas and New Years are a bit of a …

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Snowmobile Trailering Tips Best Advice

Why do we need best snowmobile trailering tips for our snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? Because too often, we take snowmobile trailers for granted. We ignore them, store them improperly and don’t maintain them well. Let’s start with a Snowmobiler Television video clip, then go on to some basic legalities… To be legal, you must register and plate your …

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Snowmobile Tie Boss Tie Down Product Review

Anyone who trailers their snow machines for snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations has experience with tie down straps. Typically, they are required by law to properly secure your snowmobiles to the trailer bed while in transit. I’ve tried everything from heavy-duty bungees to ratchets to clip straps. I’ve had varying degrees of success, convenience and ease of use on …

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