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Snowmobile Club Volunteers Crisis

Is there really a crisis with snowmobile club volunteers? If the online pleas from snowmobile clubs I see almost daily are any indication, the answer is an unequivocal YES. It’s a fact. The shortage of unpaid helpers is already impacting the quality, quantity and sustainability of snowmobile trails throughout the snowbelt. And unless more snowmobilers step up to the …

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Christmas Snowmobiling in Lanaudière

Each fall I get inquiries from eager riders wanting to know where to go Christmas snowmobiling. Typically, they have only a few days available. So, they have limited travel time. They also want sure snow, and there’s the rub… For most eastern North America trail riding destinations, the days between Christmas and New Years are a bit of a …

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Snowmobile Trailering Tips Best Advice

Why do we need best snowmobile trailering tips for our snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation? Because too often, we take snowmobile trailers for granted. We ignore them, store them improperly and don’t maintain them well. Let’s start with a Snowmobiler Television video clip, then go on to some basic legalities… To be legal, you must register and plate your …

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Snowmobile Tie Boss Tie Down Product Review

Anyone who trailers their snow machines for snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations has experience with tie down straps. Typically, they are required by law to properly secure your snowmobiles to the trailer bed while in transit. I’ve tried everything from heavy-duty bungees to ratchets to clip straps. I’ve had varying degrees of success, convenience and ease of use on …

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Snowmobile Rain Riding Best Advice & Video

Nobody in their right mind wants to go snowmobile rain riding or in a meltdown. But sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially if you do a lot of snowmobile tours. Like when you’re on a tight snowmobile vacation schedule to get to your next destination or the weather suddenly turns sour in the middle of a pleasant day ride. The one …

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Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro Snowmobile Review

I rode a 2019 Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro last winter and here’s why. As a touring trail snowmobiler, I log thousands of kilometres each season in a variety of provinces. Some if its just for fun, but much of my snowmobiling is work-related. It generates touring articles as Supertrax Magazine and Motoneige Quebec Magazine.  As a blogger, I have contributed to the Ontario Tourism …

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Take Friends Snowmobiling Best Tips

So you’re about how to take friends snowmobiling for this Family Day Weekend or any other time. Maybe it’s a newbie or someone that hasn’t snowmobiled in years. How you shape the experience will determine if snowmobiling wins another convert. So please make their first ride enjoyable, safe, comfortable — and during daylight hours. You won’t get a second chance …

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Riding Point Tips For Snowmobile Leaders

My top snowmobiling tips for riding point on snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations come from many years of experience. Maybe I’m getting paranoid. Do I tempt fate each winter as I ride over 10,000 kilometres on tour for snowmobile magazines? I’m always riding point for our crew and wondering what will happen next… Over many years of snowmobiling, my concern is well founded. …

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Visor Anti-Fogging Tips For Snowmobile Helmets

Why do you need visor anti-fogging tips? Put up a hand if you’ve ever had trouble seeing through your face shield because of fogging up on snowmobile tours. I bet if you wear eyeglasses while snowmobiling like I do, you’ll have both hands raised. Because then it’s twice as likely your vision suffer has suffered. Fogging up is not only annoying …

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Snowmobiling Touring Stats Winter 2019

Many snowmobilers say they wish they had a job like mine. No doubt I do a lot of riding each winter for magazines and website and social media posts. But it takes plenty of time, work, organization and effort to get everything done in the relatively short window of winter. So it’s not all fun and games. Take a …

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