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Here’s my FXR snowmobile suit product review… Snowmobilers subject themselves to some of the harshest and most variable conditions on the planet during their snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations. The weather extremes Mother Nature throws at us are exacerbated by the rush of our sleds. Also by sitting for prolonged periods with arms extended with hands glued to the handlebars. And by temperatures that can vary dramatically throughout the riding hours.

So it takes a snowmobile suit with an integrated package of tough but intelligent technologies to deliver consistent comfort, regardless — and that’s the quality of winter gear FXR Racing delivers.

FXR Snowmobile Suit Has Advanced Technology

Mostly, riders think first and foremost about staying warm and dry during the ride. That means blocking out the cold and wind chill, retaining body heat and dissipating moisture build up. And FXR gear does that with the most advanced technologies available anywhere. But beyond that, FXR’s snowmobile suits for men and women also help protect their wearers in other important ways. For example, some suits feature Floatation Assistance System Technology (F.A.S.T.), which offers buoyancy for up to two hours in the event of cold water immersion.

FXR Snowmobile Suit With Floatation Assistance System Technology (F.A.S.T.)

Marsha stays warm and dry in FXR too

FXR for Women too!

For snowmobilers in regions where crossing frozen lakes or rivers is prevalent, FXR’s F.A.S.T. is a must. A complete suit – jacket and pants combined – gives the wearer an advantage that can make the difference if you go through the ice or fall into open water. While F.A.S.T. is not equivalent to a personal flotation device (PFD), it can assist in self-rescue and help retard hypothermia by shedding water quickly while retaining its insulating properties.
F.A.S.T. insulation is made from an expanded low-density polyethylene foam membrane that has excellent insulation properties wet or dry. So if you remain calm and act quickly to save yourself, these FXR suits can buy you a few more precious minutes of protection to get yourself out of the water to find a warm place with dry clothing.

Get F.A.S.T. Protection

F.A.S.T. is not Coast Guard approved. But only suits made primarily for floatation or rescue purposes receive this designation. These industrial style suits tend to be worn by professional first responders, the military, offshore gas & oil and industrial marine workers, and commercial fishermen.
For recreational snowmobiling, they are generally not practical, affordable or comfortable. F.A.S.T. does not claim to provide this industrial level of protection, but for snowmobilers especially concerned for their own well being or that of their loved ones, F.A.S.T. is a significant step above a regular snowmobile suit.
The beauty of an FXR snowmobile suit with F.A.S.T. is that you won’t even know that extra protection is there. F.A.S.T. provides excellent mobility, unrestricted movement, is not the least bit bulky, and doesn’t stiffen up in the cold. Best of all, unlike other floatation suits, F.A.S.T. allows your suit to breathe and vent away moisture from your body. This avoids that cold, clammy feeling during the normal riding that accounts for 99.9% of your wear time.

FXR Snowmobile Suit Is Great Choice for Touring Riders

It really comes down to this: are you willing to compromise the everyday performance and comfort of your snowmobile suit on the off chance of being involved in an emergency situation? If your answer is no, then an FXR snowmobile suit with F.A.S.T. is an excellent alternative choice. You get all the premium technologies, features and benefits that make FXR a superior snowmobile suit. Plus the added advantage of F.A.S.T. FXR and F.A.S.T. — the best of both worlds in one great snowmobile suit. Check out their full line of snow gear for men, women and children and try a one on for size!!

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