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Merino Woolpower for Snowmobiling

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Cold weather layering techniques have improved a lot. But when it comes to keeping warm and dry underneath my snowmobile suit, nothing beats merino wool and here’s why…

Merino Woolpower Works For Me

Over my snowmobiling years, I’ve tried many different under layers next to my skin on snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations. My goal is to stay warm and dry underneath the waterproof and breathable outer shell of my snowmobile suit. I thought I had it nailed with the latest synthetics, until I tested high performance under garments from Woolpower last winter. What a difference!

No wonder so many coldweather armies, police and emergency services, utility workers, and extreme adventurers wear Woolpower as their insulating layers. As the Woolpower name implies, this under clothing is primarily made from merino wool…nature’s own functional material. The Woolpower people have achieved a technically advanced blend called “Ullfrotte Original” that has many exceptional characteristics.

Its knit enables the material to consist of up to an incredible 80% air among its unique terry loop stitches…and the more air I can keep still around my body, the more heat I can retain. Woolpower also wicked chill-causing moisture away from my skin very efficiently. Better yet, it keeps warming me even if it gets wet.

Merino Woolpower Other Benefits

When I heard the word “wool”, my first question was: will it be itchy? Not a chance…merino wool is incredibly soft, comfortable and non-irritating. Then I discovered that merino wool tends to neutralize absorbed body odours, an important consideration when on tour for a week or two. Just air it well every night…I rode more than 10,000 kilometres — a whole season — before the first wash…with not so much as a slight odour.

Cleaning Woolpower products is easy: machine wash and tumble dry at medium. What’s more, although hopefully not a concern for snowmobilers, wool will not ignite, unlike many synthetics that can melt and cause severe burns when exposed to fire or electricity.

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