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OFSC Trails Lead to Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts…


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Why not tart up your Ontario snowmobile tour? There are many good reasons to go snowmobiling. One of them is discovering Ontario’s best butter tarts. This is a worthy, if never-ending mission. Many snowmobilers take it as seriously as what brand of sled they ride and where to find great snow conditions. It’s also a controversial search. It pits yummy pastry aficionados against gooiest filling seekers. It spotlights the nuts versus raisins versus plain enthusiasts…

I had no doubt this blog would rouse some deep-seated passions. To date it’s reached more than 50,000 snowmobilers, many of whom made their own recommendations. So I’ve now included these below if the suggested place is trail accessible.

imagesSo my preliminary list of butter tart contenders accessible by snowmobile trail to riders in search of their next sugar fix has grown. It started from one that was assembled from the first hand experiences of two dedicated butter tart addicts, myself and Rick (Nutter) Sauer of the Port Perry Snowmobile Club. Many more good candidates are now waiting for your visit on your next Ontario snowmobile tour.

I know this trail-only approach leaves out many top contenders that are not snowmobile accessible. But what good are they to snowmobilers if we can’t get to them by while riding our snow machines?

imgres-1My plan is to add even more trail accessible butter tart places recommended by other snowmobilers to this list. So if you have any favourites to share (or comments about those already listed), please go to my Facebook page and let me know.

Please note that this list is in alphabetical order by region and does not indicate that any one place is better than any others – only that each qualifies as worth trying.

Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts – Central

Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts  – Eastern

Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts  – Northern

Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts – Western


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