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own a snowmobile trailer enables you to go places

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Why own a snowmobile trailer? Snowmobile trailer ownership is increasing across the snowbelt. It’s driven by snowmobilers who really want to get the most out of winter.

Gone are the days when we could count on a consistent blanket of snow throughout the snowbelt from December to March. We still have plenty of good snow and great trails. But they’re not necessarily as close to home as they once were.

So increasingly, our choice is to trailer to snow. For more and more of us, that means we need to own a snowmobile trailer. Why? Because the alternative of not being to reach snow really sucks. Certainly, looking for reliable trailers for sale is as necessary as a good snowmobile. Especially if we live in an urban centre or don’t have trails anywhere near our rural residence.
So if you’re one of the fence-sitters that haven’t yet decided to buy one yet, here are the top reasons to justify snowmobile trailer ownership.…

Why Own A Snowmobile Trailer For Trail Riding

To Protect Your Investment In Winter

own a snowmobile trailer ownership to go to the snow
One top reason to own a snowmobile trailer ownership is to protect your investment in snowmobiling. And to get the most value from it. Changing and unpredictable snow patterns are now a fact of winter life. So typically, by the time you know whether Old Man Winter is going to be generous or stingy with snow, the season is already well underway.

By then, you’ve already invested a whack of dough into snowmobiling. Expenditures like a new sled or sled repairs. Plus new gear, new accessories, insurance, and permit. The list goes on. So if your home riding area gets skunked, a snowmobile trailer can save your investment. And also rescue your sledding season by enabling you to go where the snow is.

To Expand Your Horizons

The North American snowbelt is a huge territory with thousands of snowmobile trails. These trail networks are better than they’ve ever been. They include lots of interesting places to see and visit. Many of them are only accessible in the winter by snowmobile.
So if you own a snowmobile trailer, it enables you to go whenever and wherever you want. It allows you to explore farther and to ride more with friends and family. This ability to expand your sledding horizons by trailering makes snowmobiling more fun. And also more exciting and more enjoyable for many more years.

To Amortize The Cost

The next top reason to buy a snowmobile trailer is that your purchase is a multi-year investment. Its price is amortized over time. So select a top quality trailer from a reputable manufacturer and take good care of it. It should serve you well for at least ten years. Even 15 isn’t much of a stretch. That’s longer than you’re likely to keep either your tow vehicle or sled, and at a lower annual cost!

To Protect Your Sleds

own a snowmobile trailer to keep sled protected and clean
Once upon a time, most snowmobile trailers had open decks, often with a front deflector. But winter roads have gotten busier. They are also dirtier with slush, sand and salt. So most snowmobilers are choosing to protect their sleds in an enclosed trailer. Sure, the upfront purchase price is a little more. But you can save big time in wear and tear to your trailered sleds. And their ultimate resale value.

An enclosed trailer is also more secure. Plus, it’s a good place to transport your sledding gear to provide extra passenger room in your tow vehicle. Best of all, you’ll arrive at each sledding destination with a clean sled. One that’s ready to ride, not covered in gunk. And guess what, no more sloppy sled covers!

Moreover, if you’re doing day rides from the same staging location, you can park your sled overnight in your enclosed trailer after each day’s ride. That way, it’s hidden from prying eyes. It also won’t get frosted over and snow covered. Or be wind-frozen and harder to start in the morning.

For Many Other Uses

own a snowmobile trailer provides lots of room for baggage
A snowmobile trailer provides another good ownership reason. That is ­­for uses other than towing your sled to the snow. View your enclosed trailer as a no cost, sheltered and safe mobile garage. Use it for storing your sleds over the summer and taking them in for service.

Your trailer can also be used to haul your summer toys around. Or to move your possessions or pick up that new couch you just bought. And if you own a cottage or some other retreat, you’ll always discover new uses for your trailer. These range from hauling things like lawn mowers, pressure washers, generators to and from home. And what about picking up rental equipment or to taking junk to the dump?

For Sharing

Sharing is another top reason to own a snowmobile trailer. Maybe you and a buddy always ride together. Or perhaps you have several friends that only need access to a trailer a couple of times a season. If so, you may be candidates for buying a trailer together.

This can be a good way to get into a larger or more expensive trailer than any of you might want on your own. Or need all the time. Certainly, this approach is a consideration for acquiring a four-bed enclosed trailer. It will enable you to go together in one tow vehicle. Plus, reduce travel costs or to tow multiple sleds for a family sledding vacation.

For Peace of Mind

Finally, to own a snowmobile trailer will give you peace of mind. No mater what Mother Nature throws your way. No matter how busy you are. And no matter how plans may change at the last minute, you’re in control.

My Last Word On Why Own A Snowmobile Trailer

Owning a trailer, you can do whatever you want. That’s because you’re totally mobile and independent so check out Equify Auctions and buy a new trailer today! If snowmobiling is all about freedom and escape, then surely it all starts with the flexibility and accessibility of owning a snowmobile trailer!

Thanks to Paul McNichol of Alumite Enterprises, distributor of Triton Trailers, for contributing to this article.

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