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Ski Doo accessories are as innovative as their snowmobiles. I’m particularly impressed with what’s next. Creative ideas that integrate seamlessly with their snow machines are one good reason why BRP has achieved a commanding share of the snowmobile market.

So here’s some food for thought as you start thinking about next winter. Whether you’re a Ski Doo rider or not, I think you’ll appreciate out of the box thinking. That’s what is behind these Ski Doo innovations available online. Many have one common theme. They enable owners to adapt their Ski Doo snowmobiles to varying needs and conditions on the go.

One case in point already exists on my Ski Doo Renegade Enduro. Its change-as-you-go Air Ride suspension allows me to maintain a smooth ride with the push of a button. Meanwhile, the Adjustable Pilot TS Skis enable me to set more or less carbide depth for better steering control with the twist of a knob.

Each of these innovations has proven its worth to me over the past two seasons. Plus, Adjustable Risers and Adjustable Toe-Holds have won fans among other snowmobilers.
Making it easy and convenient for snowmobilers to personalize their sled to their own riding style or to accommodate present conditions is a clear Ski-Doo direction. So why not check out the Ski Doo accessories for 2020 such as…

Ski Doo Accessories – On The Fly Suspension Adjustments

Ski-Doo introduced both a Remote Coupler Block Adjuster and a Remote Limiter Strap Adjuster as Gen4 platform add-ons. With them, snowmobilers can fine-tune their snow machines from the handlebars while riding. These nifty ideas work as well and easily as my adjustable Air Ride shock. So, they will fine-tune even more the performance of Ski Doo’s already amazing suspension.

Ski Doo Accessories – Variable Height Windshield

Ski Doo has also re-invented a concept it pioneered a while back. It’s their new quick Adjustable Windshield with its Gen4 platform. This screen ranges from a low of 14.5” (low version) to a high of 27” (ultra high version). Thus, it enables the rider to vary windshield protection according to temperature and wind conditions. And even to customize the height for various operators.

Ski Doo Accessories – Boondocking Enhancements

Boondockers and mountain riders will appreciate being able to easily remove and securely store their sled’s snow flap. They can now do so for playing in deep powder with the LinQ Removable Snow Flap for Gen4 Free Ride, Backcountry & Summit models. The Flexible Mountain Hand Guards also offer protection that won’t be compromised if hit by branches or other obstacles.

Other Outstanding Ski Doo Accessories

As you start envisioning your sled for next season, I’d also suggest checking out other accessories. Like the Adventure front & rear bumpers and REV Gen4 LinQ luggage (Combo Bag, Adventure Bag, Trail Seat Bag + Handlebar Bag). Additionally, there are many other remarkable Ski-Doo accessories I use and recommend for touring riders. These include Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy and Tunnel Bag, Glovebox Extension, Heated Seat, Handlebar Muffs, Auxiliary LED Headlight, Tunnel Ice Scratchers and Pilot TS 7” 60˚ Carbide Runners. Along with many other Ski Doo accessories, they have customized my snowmobile over the years. And increased my comfort and enjoyment too!

Full disclosure: Yes, I’m a committed Ski Doo rider. But I’m also convinced that no other snowmobile manufacturer is as consistently innovative with new accessories! So everyone should check’ em out.

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