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snowmobile fuel carriers

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Why do we need snowmobile fuel carriers? Especially when more fuel-efficient 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines have improved gas range and lowered operating costs?

On snowmobile tours, your fuel sipper is limited by the worst gas-guzzler in your group. It’s also victim to your own throttle thumb and by the availability of fuel on snowmobile trails. It’s strange that even as the fuel economy of our sleds improves, in many regions it’s getting more difficult to find gas.

Certainly, mountain and other off-trail riders can’t head out without enough gas. They need a supply to play all day and make it back okay. The day may even be fast approaching when long distance trail riders have to carry extra gas just to be safe. Especially with so many traditional gas stations closing on some days of the week, shortening hours or shutting down permanently.

Snowmobile Fuel Carriers Product Review

Last winter I tried out two good snowmobile fuel carrier systems. They fit most snowmobiles and install easily. What’s more, they held their custom jerry cans securely. When I didn’t need to carry extra fuel, I put some baggage on the carrier. But of course if you ride a Ski Doo snowmobile, their LinQ Fuel Caddy is an excellent choice. So check out my Tested on Tour review as it appeared in Snow Goer Canada magazine. And see for yourself!


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