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2019 Snowmobiling Touring Stats For My Season On The Trails…

Lots of trail riding goes into making Snowmobile touring stats

Photo by Al Fletcher

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Many snowmobilers say they wish they had a job like mine. No doubt I do a lot of riding each winter for magazines and website and social media posts. But it takes plenty of time, work, organization and effort to get everything done in the relatively short window of winter.

So it’s not all fun and games. Take a look at my snowmobile touring stats for winter 2019 and judge for yourself…

My wife Marsha & I piling on the snowmobile touring stats

Photo by Al Fletcher

2019 Snowmobile Touring Stats

  • Start Date: January 21
  • Finish Date: March 21
  • Total Trailering Distance: 8,307 km
  • Longest One-Way Trailering Distance: 1,173 km
  • Total Snowmobiling Distance: 5,700 km
  • Longest Distance Snowmobiled in One Day: 385 km
  • Shortest Distance Snowmobiled in One Day: 150 km
  • Average Distance Snowmobiled Per Day: 219.23 km
  • Number of Weeks On The Road: 8
  • Total Number of Days Away From Home: 43
  • Number of Days Snowmobiling: 26
  • Total Number of Photos Taken: 4,400
  • Number of Destinations Visited: 8 (including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick & Maine)
  • Day Ride Loops From Same Hotel: 7
  • Saddlebag Rides: 1
  • Total Number of Lodgings Stayed At: 11
  • Number of Nights Sleeping in Unfamiliar Beds: 37
  • Number of Restaurant Meals Consumed: 125

Snowmobile Touring Stats Commentary

Snowmobile touring stats include visits to lookouts

Photo by Al Fletcher

Some of you may be surprised that my Total Distance Snowmobiling was limited to 5,700 kilometres. Especially given the amount of time I spent away from home and the distance trailered.

But that’s the downside of my job. I’m there to get the story and take the photos, then move on to the next destination. So my ride priority isn’t big miles or staying any longer than necessary to get the job done.

That’s not to say it isn’t fun. Or that I don’t experience some great riding. But I’m not free to just go anywhere or stay longer or ride more as I would be on a personal sledding excursion without responsibilities.

I should also point out that I couldn’t have completed my ambitious tour schedule without the cooperation and assistance of the experienced team of supportive riders that accompany me. They all don’t go on every ride. But there’s always enough of them present to provide whatever assistance I might need in accomplishing my 2019 season mission. They are: Johnny Biasi, Dan Carty, Al Fletcher, Jim Heintzman, Craig & Dawn Irwin, Frank Mazzuca, Brent Murphy, Tony & Dee Robinson, and of course, my wife, Marsha (who joined me for 7 of my 8 tours). Thanks to all!


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