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This handy snowmobile products review highlights four items you can use. They have made my life easier on snowmobile tours and snowmobile vacations. So they should work well for you too. And also be sure to check out my list of Best Snowmobile Products!

Magic Eraser

handy snowmobile productsI like a brightly coloured snow machine for my snowmobile tours. But the downside is any surface that’s not black quickly shows exhaust, belt and scuff marks. Keeping my snowmobile looking like new used to be a chore.

Then I discovered Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Extra Power. A Magic Eraser feels like a chunk of foam. It transforms into a super cleaner when activated by water. Now with very little effort, I can keep my sled factory-fresh. It’s available at most stores that sell household cleaning supplies and online.

Toilet Tissue To Go

handy snowmobile productsOkay, so maybe we don’t want to talk much about getting caught short on the trail. Or arriving with legs crossed at an outhouse that has no toilet paper. So let’s whisper this. You should always ride prepared.

The handiest way is by carrying Toilet Tissue To Go. It comes in several other brand names too. All come in a handy, travel size, dispenser that keeps the tissue clean, neat and dry until needed. It’s available at many drug and outdoor stores including Shopper’s. Just saying…

Clif Bars

handy snowmobile products

Ever had that weary feeling in the mid-afternoon? When you’ve got many more kilometres to go before being able to park your sled for the day? The best pick me up I’ve found is a Clif Bar. They come in more than 10 flavours and are conveniently packaged in an easy open packet. These wholesome ingredient bars are 70% organic sports nutrition.

But what I care about is how quickly one of them can recharge my depleting energy level. And the answer is fast and long lasting. That’s why I always have several Clif bars packed in my touring gear. They are handy just in case I ever have to spend an unexpected night on the trail! They are available at many drug and outdoors stores including Shopper’s.

Warm Skin

handy snowmobile productsEven the most macho riders can suffer from cracked, dry skin or mild frostbite on snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations. That’s why NFL players, mountain climbers, ski patrollers, letter carriers and even polar explorers protect their flesh with Warm Skin®.

Warm Skin All Weather Guard is a heavy-duty, non-greasy barrier cream and moisturizer. They are from a Minnesota based company called Aurora Naturally.


Another very handy snowmobile product is duct tape, so check out my duct tape post for its many uses!


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