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Recently I posted a blog about four consumer items that are also handy snowmobile tour products. With over 45,000 snowmobilers reached, response through my Facebook page was incredible. Many comments suggested other goods for snowmobilers to use. And I’m going to try some of them myself! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find some of them under the Christmas tree. Or maybe you’ll just have to play Santa to yourself. My thanks to everyone who contributed!

Head & Helmet

Snowmobiler Monet Wiseman recommended Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses with Techlite Polarchromic Copper lens. He wears his with a Ski-Doo BV2S snowmobile helmet. And speaking of BV2S helmets, both avid snowmobiler Linda Miller and Elliot Joseph Falls use Shamwow’s in their BV2S helmet’s breather mask to absorb condensation. Apparently, the Shamwow’s soak up way more than the manufacturer’s absorbent mask liners and can be wrung them out on the trail and dried them overnight to use again.

Zip Ties

Speaking of handy snowmobile tour products, Nurmi Gora carries zip ties and so do I. I have several different sizes and colours for choice depending on the usage. Sometimes I want the heaviest duty one possible. But I’ve also used clear zips to invisibly hold together pieces of a cracked windshield while I nurse it home. In addition, I’ve tried zip ties for securing handle bar muffs and keeping a dangling heated visor cord out of the way. And to temporarily replace a lost pull-tab on my jacket zipper.

Keeping Warm

If keeping warm is high on your list, you’ll want to pocket a supply of chemical warmers or ThermaCell Pocket Warmers. Sledder Nate Clarke also suggests Instant Hot Packs, which are not reusable. But also check out Click Heat Packs, which are. FYI, Nate also carries a non-activated cell phone that will call 911.

Household Items

Gordon Stone carries baby wipes, paper towel and a small bottle of glass cleaner. Meanwhile,Phil Molto likes cough lozenges to ease a dry, scratchy throat. And Greg McIntosh and I both pack a couple of Ziploc baggies to keep small items dry. Along the same line, to prevent my nostrils from drying out with the cold (and to stave of potential nosebleeds) I coat them with baby gel before each ride.

Meanwhile, Trish Robinson says to carry small bottles of drinking water to keep hydrated and has found safety pins to be useful. Scott Lyons carries a spare pair of socks and two bread bags. If he gets a soaker digging a buddy out of the swampy ditch, he change out the socks. Then he puts a long, skinny bread bag over them before going back into the boot with the wet liners. Linda Miller also carries Kwik Kloths for easy wipe ups on snowmobile tours.

Kristina Dupee highly recommends self-heating drinks and soups for trail stops, especially if you’re riding with the kids…

And in the interest of gender equality among snowmobilers, Mark Kirby says female riders should check out a device such as Ms. Whiz. It enables women to relieve themselves while standing just like the guys…

Handy Snowmobile Tour Products for Baggage

Avid rider Linda Miller swears by RokStraps for her handy snowmobile tour products list. These motorcycling-inspired bungee cord replacements hold your snowmobile saddlebags in place without hooks that can scratch your baby’s finish.

Let me add one more to this handy snowmobile tour products list – MaxFit Thermal gloves. These sure grip gloves provide great dexterity if you have to do any finicky work in the cold that normally you would have to do with bare hands. While they won’t keep your hands toasty warm, they can prolong exposure time long enough to get the job done without frostbitten digits.


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