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couples snowmobile tour

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Recently, I’ve had several snowmobilers ask for advice about doing a couples snowmobile tour. Since my wife has accompanied with me on snowmobile tours for many years and we also do several couples’ getaways each winter when snow conditions are good, I guess I’m experienced enough to offer these tips…

Don’t Make Couples Snowmobile Tour the First Ride of the Season

Couples’ snowmobile tours aren’t the same as snowmobiling with hard core riders, be they male or female. So for starters, unless your wife is also an avid snowmobiler, your couples’ tour may be her first ride of the season. You’ve likely already had your chance to be out with your buds to work out any bugs with your snow machine, gear or body. And to become acclimatized to the weather, snow conditions and full days of riding.

Everyone on your couples’ ride should have the same opportunity. This will increase their overall confidence, comfort and enjoyment. Similarly, get everyone to participates in its preparation and planning your couples’ snowmobile tour. With this approach, it’s much more likely to meet or exceed everyone’s expectations for enjoyment and snowmobile safety.

Ensure Everyone is Properly Geared Up for Couples Snowmobile Tour

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It’s also important for everyone on your couples’ tour to have comparable quality clothing and snow machines. My wife rides her own snowmobile. But doubling can be okay if the snow machine is a legitimate 2-upper and you’re both used to riding this way. No one enjoys riding a sled with poor suspension and handling. Or one that is underpowered or unreliable. Especially if it can’t keep up to the others or gets the worst gas mileage.

Similarly, no one enjoys being cold. So wear top quality snow gear. And try sled accessories like thumb warmers and heated handlebars. Handlebar muffs combine with products like heated visors, vests, gloves & boot liners to provide additional riding comfort in various snow conditions. Chemical hand and foot warmers can help too.

Different Choices

rest stop on couples snowmobile tour

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The focus for a couples’ ride may shift from putting on as many miles or getting there as fast as possible. Instead, priorities become sight seeing, photo taking and enjoyment of the ride for its own sake. This can mean a change of pace, more flexible riding days and closer destinations. Accommodations with more amenities are a good choice. A different focus may also mean planning multiple day rides from the same accommodations rather than destination-to-destination saddle bagging. This choice enables everyone to settle in to the same lodgings for the duration and enjoy the facilities without having to worry about packing up and moving on every day.

Couples’ snowmobile tours may also have more frequent trail stops. Preferably, these should be synched with available warm up shelters, clubhouses and restaurants. Everyone appreciates a chance to stretch, warm up, use indoor washrooms, and socialize. I’ve also found that a daily pre-ride briefing helps set the tone for couples’ rides. It can include the day’s route, pre-arranging coffee breaks and lunch stops, and points of interest. Be sure to use it to also confirm the final destination and likely arrival time. That way everyone knows what to expect and can pace themselves accordingly.

Get Connected

Helmet communicators on couples snowmobile tour

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Things go more smoother and with greater confidence when riders can talk to each other. That’s why investing in a pair of helmet to helmet communicators may be a good idea. Getting connected means that the lead rider can prepare the following rider for what’s ahead. And the following rider can let the leader know immediately if a problem occurs or it’s just time to stop for a break. Check out units by Sena or UClear, typically marketed for motorcyclists.

Time Savers

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The larger your group of couples’, the more time everything takes from getting started to eating and gassing up. Here are a few ideas to minimize this challenge:

  • Wherever possible, gas and oil sleds the night before.
  • The guys can pack and warm up the sleds each morning while the ladies order breakfast.
  • Eliminate the waiting and menu routines. If you are eating dinner in the same restaurant as breakfast, ask at dinner to reserve a table at a specific time in the morning. And then pre-order breakfast so it’s ready when you arrive.
  • Save time on the trail by having a standard coffee break and lunch order so the first person into a restaurant can order for your entire group.
  • When stopping for gas, have the guys fuel up all sleds while the women visit the washroom or warm up.

Get Experienced

couples snowmobile tour

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Meanwhile, easy ways to get started riding as a couple before going on your self-guided tour include connecting with other couples. This can be done through the local snowmobile club and participating in club and charity rides. You could also choose to ride a few of the shorter OFSC-Promoted Snow Tours to gain some experience. A good option for your first snowmobile tour as a couple is to arrange a fully guided and pre-packaged getaway.

Suggestions for Your Couples Snowmobile Tour

Here are several good couples snowmobile tours where you stage from one Ontario location to do various day rides. But if you’re a newbie couple, please also check out my beginners tips before you go!

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