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snowmobile blitz rides

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Some of the best snowmobiling happens during 3-day snowmobile blitz  rides. Sometimes these are known as “toothbrush trips” because that’s all you really need to take with you.

A planned departure Thursday night is typical, returning home late Sunday, after doing as much sledding as your group wants on your snowmobile tour. You may also do other kinds of rides during the winter. And if so, check out my other planning tips.

Plan Your Blitz Rides

snowmobile blitz rides

Photo © by Martin Lortz for Ontario Tourism

Your first consideration is a destination with good staging accommodations that’s close enough to trailer to that first night after work. Other criteria include truck and trailer parking, nearby services and direct trail access. Having lots of trail options is important to avoid riding too many of the same trails twice.

With many choices, you can ride a large saddlebag loop over three days back to your starting point. Or ride day trips out of the same staging location each day without carrying any overnight gear. Obtain the applicable trail maps several weeks ahead to get familiarized with destination and routes. And remember, make advance reservations for lodgings on busy weekends.

Prep Your Equipment

snowmobile blitz rides

Photo © by Martin Lortz for Ontario Tourism

Prior to your blitz ride, get your snow machine, trailer and tow vehicle serviced. Fuel up all sleds, fill the oil reservoirs on the 2-stroke models, and bring along some oil for top ups. Then load them on trailers the night before departure, after double-checking that the owner’s manual and toolkit are on board. Plus a spare belt, spark plugs, fuses and emergency kit.

During blitz rides like this, snow conditions can vary considerably. So consider equipping your sled with great accessories.These include studs, handlebar muffs, upgraded headlight, higher windshield, mirrors and ice scratchers. Although each of my companion’s sleds deliver good fuel economy like my Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro 900 ACE, we still carry emergency gas in one LinQ System Fuel Caddy, just in case.

Pack Your Bags For Blitz Rides

snowmobile blitz rides

Photo © by Martin Lortz for Ontario Tourism

There’s one rule for what else to pack for a blitz ride: not much. You can wear the same clothes for trailering there and back, leaving them in your truck while you’re riding. That means just carrying one set of sportswear for two nights, dressing in the same attire twice. Along with a change of underwear or two and minimal toiletries (don’t forget that toothbrush!), you can easily fit necessities into a LinQ System Medium Tunnel bag or saddlebags. I even find room for a lightweight storage cover to protect my snow machine from snow and frost each night.

Make A List, Check It Twice

snowmobile blitz rides

Photo © by Martin Lortz for Ontario Tourism

Print a checklist and as you pack everything – including your riding gear, technical base and mid under layers – mark each item off the list. Don’t forget cash, credit cards and whatever license, registration, trail permits and proof of insurance you may need. Also gather your smartphone, charger and other personal items like sunglasses and prescription meds. Set your packed bag by the door with your helmet in its helmet bag, so you pretty much have to trip over them when leaving. This way, no critical riding gear gets left behind on your blitz rides.

Before leaving, email your riding companions so everyone (especially spouses staying at home) know exactly when you’re departing, where you’re staying, what days you intend to ride and when your return is planned. Now let your blitz rides begin!

Here’s more information on some of my favourite three day snowmobile blitz rides destinations in OntarioMattawa, Orillia, Bancroft, Owen Sound, Sudbury – and in QuebecLaurentians.

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